How useful dates for women?

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

East Area is complete without food, in which there are dates.This sweet fruit is famous for its nutrients, and the people of the Arab countries believe that it is able to extend the date of human life and improves health.Especially useful dates for women's health, so do not be superfluous to include this product in the daily diet.

Pregnancy, breast and dates

Dates are particularly useful for pregnant women during childbearing.Substances contained in these fruits help to strengthen the muscles of the uterus.With regular "feeding" dates women births are easier, as the uterus contracts quickly.The rich composition of fruits helps to restore immunity, normalizes the uterus, resulting in a rapid cessation of postpartum hemorrhage.Because of the large blood loss during childbirth in women is a sharp decline in sugar.If you do not fill the resulting "gap", a woman would be a reduction in blood pressure.As a preventive measure, doctors recommend to eat women giving birth and nursing women more fruits dates.

worth noting the value dates for nursing mothers.All the vitamins and minerals contained in the dates, passes into breast milk.This nutritious "food" strengthens the immune system, not only the woman but also her baby.In addition, regular consumption of dates in women observed improvement of mammary glands, and oxytocin, which is rich in the dried fruit, increases the production of breast milk.

Because feeding your baby in the mother is a gradual leaching of calcium from the body, the daily diet should include foods that contain a sufficient amount of this mineral.And dates fall in the number of such products.Eating only 3-5 dry figs a day, lactating women will protect your body from diseases such as osteoporosis.

Depression - is a frequent companion of pregnant women.Raise your spirits and improve the spiritual well-being can be eating a few dry figs the day.

Benefits for Women's Health

If a woman is suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders, you can try to rectify the situation with the help of dates.Among a number of unique properties of this fruit mark its calming effect.The information contained in Finike the amino acid tryptophan is responsible for the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone.Surprisingly, it has long been observed that dates tired body give courage and strength, and a person suffering from insomnia, normalizes sleep.

Use normal

Despite the usefulness of dates, their daily intake should be limited.Throughout the day, nutritionists recommend eating no more than 7 pieces of dried dates.It was in such a quantity of sweet dried fruit contains a daily rate of trace elements and vitamins.However, you can not position the dates as a medicine.Rather, it is a normal product that is useful to introduce into the diet every woman.