Sauerkraut with gout

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

As you know, sauerkraut - it's an incredible storehouse of micro- and macronutrients, vitamins and many groups.As part of sauerkraut have biotin, which positively affects the work of the whole organism, and in particular, improving the condition of hair, skin, increases resistance to stress, lowers cholesterol levels and reduced blood sugar, there is the strengthening of muscles, increased appetite, and depression fadeby the wayside.

Sauerkraut gout

Use sauerkraut incredibly huge for those who suffer from diseases of the stomach, intestines, suffers frequent depression, anemia, diabetes, heart disease, and those who want to maintain their youth without the use of medication.Useful sauerkraut and people suffering from gout.Gout - a disease often wearing chronic.The appearance of the disease due to the fact that the body is broken urate metabolism, i.e. uric acid in the blood rises sharply and is deposited in the tissues of crystals of the sodium salt of uric acid.This leads to the fact that the patie

nt acute arthritis begins with the subsequent formation of nodes or how they are called tophi.When the disease gout, recommended a strict diet, which is excluded from the diet meals, which contain lipids and proteins purines.And this diet is not the last place is given to sauerkraut.Because such cabbage contains purines, it is shown to use by patients with gout.

Choice for fermented cabbage

Kvas cabbage yourself is a snap.What is important is to choose the right cabbage for this process.Typically, in order to make sour cabbage, it is chosen from the late varieties.Plugs cabbage you planning to brew should have little white, crispy and succulent leaves.Also cabbage should try before starting her booze.If you like the taste of it, then you can safely begin the process of ferment, and if not, then you should take another cabbage, and cabbage from this cook something else.

What and when it is better to make sour cabbage?

has long been used to ferment the cabbage wooden utensils.This is not surprising, because the tree gives a unique aroma and flavor of cabbage, as well as being an environmentally friendly material.

Modern housewives prefer to make sour cabbage in an enamel pot or plastic.When you select enamelware need to look closely at whether chips anywhere on the inside.When choosing a plastic utensils should take into account the fact that the plastic prolonged contact with food products tends to give a specific unpleasant taste and odor is why we would recommend, though, refrain from plastic dishes.

Kvas cabbage can already start from the end of September or in early October.Best of all for national signs do it in about a week after the new moon, and in the "male" day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).