What to drink mineral water at high acidity?

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

Acidity characterized swallowed excess hydrochloric acid.This results in the irritation and inflammation of the walls of the esophagus.Patients experiencing heartburn, belching, heaviness after eating, pain in the stomach, constipation.As an adjunct to the treatment of diseases caused by hyperacidity recommended alkaline mineral water.

General characteristics of mineral water consumed at high acidity

alkaline mineral waters, appointed in cases involving high acidity, belong to the category of sodium-bicarbonate waters.It is composed of chloride and sodium, which gives the water alkalinity.

use such water in order to increase the capacity of an alkaline body.With their use in the body is reducing the hydrogen ion and bounces of the stomach.This water is useful in the treatment of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, occurring with increasing acidity, and other diseases.

alkaline mineral waters also have the ability to clear mucus from the digestive tract.The result of receiving this water is used to ge

t rid of heartburn, belching, feeling of heaviness.

Varieties of mineral water consumed at high acidity

to mineral waters, recommended for the treatment of hyperacidity, include such:

  • Borjomi.In the composition of the mineral water contained about 6 g / l of salt, an increased amount of hydrocarbons and others. The mineralization of water - natural.
  • Essentuki №4.Medical-table mineral water Chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium.It has mineralization up to 10 g / l.
  • Luzhanska.The salt content in the water - up to 7.5 g / l.The salinity is low, which allows its use as table beverage.
  • Svaliava.Carbonic boric hydrocarbonate sodium mineral water with weak mineralization.It is used as a means of improving digestion, especially recommended for high acidity.As a result of the water goes heartburn and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  • Glade Kvasova.It refers to the boric carbonic mineral water, which has high salinity.It consists almost entirely of hydrocarbons.Neutralizes acidity, it eliminates the severity of heartburn, bloating.It helps to remove mucus.Drunk after eating a diuretic.

General rules for the use of mineral water at high acidity

With increased acidity of the mineral water consumed in the form of heat.This is due to the fact that during heat treatment of the water disappears carbonic acid, which increases the acid production.Drinking water must be fast, large gulps.Time use - before meals (an hour and a half).Dosage - 0.5 cups.Reception - twice a day.The daily dose - 200 ml.