Figs with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

Figs - a sub-tropical fruit, which won great popularity in our region.Today, from the fruit of the fig tree is cooked compotes, jams, eat it raw, dried or dried form.Immature fruits are white, milky juice inside, and therefore inedible.This love for this fruit called its usefulness as fresh ripe figs contain over 30% sugar, especially valuable organic acids, dietary fiber, useful micro and macro elements - such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and so on. D. On the basis offigs make different products for the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies.However, to use figs people who suffer inflammatory diseases of the pancreas is not recommended.

figs: the "pros" and "consĀ»

fact that figs have high calorie content.So, just one hundred grams of this fruit is equal to 240 calories.And as we already know, pancreatitis is of particular importance properly seasoned diet, so a burst of calories we do not need.In addition, the fruit contains a lot of sugar, which may jump and blood glucose.Figs are rich in fi

ber may lead to that the efforts flatulence, which can lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases.Therefore, if you have a suspicion of pancreatitis, or other problems with the digestive system, it is not necessary to indulge yourself figs.Juiciness of the fruit is due to a high content of vegetable oils, which are poorly absorbed and could "derail" the pancreas.

Dried fruit fig tree

Argued that dried figs are much healthier and safer fresh, so it can be used at any diseases.This view is mistaken, as in dried figs by reducing the concentration of the liquid is of protein, fat, carbohydrates and above.Therefore, dried figs and 77% sugar.This means that it is also contraindicated in people who suffer from this disease, as pancreatitis.Considering all the insidiousness of inflammation of the pancreas, it is not necessary to check the strength of your body.Compliance with the principles of the right to fix the result of diet therapy and improve health.

If any health problems not, figs - is not only sweet and delicious fruit, but also a storehouse of vitamins, so its use is reasonable to maintain health and youth.