Mushrooms with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

dishes made with mushrooms, considered one of the most favorite among the inhabitants of our country.As far as possible the use of mushrooms for people suffering from these or other diseases?Consider the particular case - the use of fungi for pancreatitis.

Pros use of mushrooms in pancreatitis

With this disease, as pancreatitis Power strict requirements of the patient.And it's worth considering if you want to include in the diet of some new products, such as mushrooms.Their advantage lies in the composition, which contains a large amount of amino acids and proteins.

An advantage is the low calorie mushrooms and what their composition is quite low in fat.It should be noted that the low calorie product does not affect the nutritional value of mushrooms.They perfectly satisfy hunger.The mushrooms contain a lot of vitamins and macro / micronutrients that are essential for the human body with pancreatitis.Cons

use of mushrooms in pancreatitis

On the one hand the composition of fungi can be attribute

d to the pluses, allowing them to eat without fear of pancreatitis.On the other hand, one should know that in the same structure includes chitin, which has a structure that resembles a coarse vegetable fiber.Such a substance, as chitin poorly absorbed in the gut of any person, including one that is suffering from pancreatitis.As a result, you may experience unpleasant consequences in the form of flatulence, pain and heaviness in the stomach.

Chitin is actively cooperating with the essential nutrients present in mushrooms.As a result of such useful for a person with pancreatitis protein totally absorbed by the body.

By cons should include the fact that they contain essential oils and terpenes that give the product a unique flavor.Step aromatics directed to increased appetite, stimulation of pancreatic and gastric secretion.Patients with pancreatitis is extremely important to avoid such consequences, particularly during acute illness.

no secret that the mushrooms absorb poisonous substances, which means that even healthy people can eat those mushrooms, which were collected in areas with a clean environment.

Conclusion As can be seen, the negative factors eating mushrooms with pancreatitis is much more than positive.Experts note that most of the dishes made from mushrooms, does not meet the basic dietary requirements for people with pancreatitis.These dishes are too greasy or salty, often contain spices and vinegar.

view of the above factors is to get patients with this diagnosis to refuse the use of mushrooms in any form.This is especially true at a stage during which there is remission of the disease.By following these recommendations, you can protect your body from the adverse effects that only worsen the overall situation.