Sauerkraut pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

Some diseases are so severe that even after their treatment patients have to closely monitor what they eat.For example, inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), the patient must constantly observe a strict diet.This diet is necessary to choose such that the body receives the necessary nutrients, and to work the pancreas does not adversely affect.

Therefore, selection of products, especially vegetables need to be especially careful.One of the common products is considered to be a cabbage.It was added in the preparation of many traditional dishes, prepared from raw vegetable salads and snacks, salted cabbage and marinated in various ways.Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to do without.And then a question arises about whether it is possible in general is under such severe disease cabbage, especially salty, pickled form?As

affects sauerkraut juice on her body?

sauerkraut Composition of any kind is very diverse.Vegetables are rich in not only the vitamins, but the minerals, which significantl

y improves the digestive system.

In the case of pancreatitis substances contained in the sauerkraut, irritate, which immediately provokes inflammation of the pancreas.

Despite the fact that the sauerkraut is best not to drink, the juice of sauerkraut with pancreatitis has on the body is simply miraculous effect.Permitted amount of cabbage juice is typically less than 1/3 cup.Drink the juice can be no more than five times a day and always before eating.

It is worth remembering that even in spite of the useful properties of cabbage juice in some cases prohibit the use of it as well.So if you want to drink heavily at least juice from sauerkraut, first check with your doctor.Perhaps you have exactly the case, and when the juice is contraindicated.

What to do?

Knowing that sauerkraut may be harmful to health, it is necessary to abandon the use of this product.Then you will be able to avoid relapse, and soon, perhaps, and does completely cure the sick organ.

If you understand that to give up favorite foods above your strength, and often does happen, then the sauerkraut can be included in your diet in very rare cases.In this dish before eating to properly "cook".What does it mean?

Taking sauerkraut from banks repeatedly rinse it under running cold water.Only then it can be "a little" to eat.The term "bit" refers to no more than one spoon for the first dose.If no effects will not, then, a few days later, to increase the portion consumed per day sauerkraut and three spoons, no more.

knowing that sauerkraut you still will not be able to abstain, try to cook this dish for a very special way.Do not add absolutely no spices and other vegetables (carrots, beets and peppers).The amount of salt should be reduced approximately three-fold.Before use, even such desirable to wash the sauerkraut.