Cough after jogging

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

Many people are faced with the fact that their torments persistent cough, but more excitement causes coughing, which occurs from time to time, and only after people perform a run.

Causes of coughing after running really a lot, and all of them may be different, as, indeed, and he coughs.For some he is deaf and with a period of a few minutes, as if coming from the larynx.Others like cough comes from within and almost never stops, sometimes a person does not even have enough oxygen.

Why run after a cough occurs?

  • lack of exercise.The body, unfortunately, is not yet ready for such loads.Despite the fact that after a run of people, in principle, not tired, internal organs is difficult to work in such an unusual rhythm.In such cases, when breathing categorically not enough air.
  • Excessive consumption of different alcohol, and smoking is an adverse effect on the internal organs, including the lungs.Therefore, at the slightest exertion, in this case the run, a man begins to choke, there is shortness of brea
    th, lack of oxygen, and that provokes a strong hollow cough.When running
  • need to breathe properly, so as not to bring down the breathing rhythm and be sure to face.If the person did begin mouth breathing, coughing may occur.Through the mouth should be exhalation and inhalation should try to carry only the nose.
  • Maybe the bronchi hyperactivity.Identify this state can only take some samples in the hospital.
  • Recently a man suffered a severe disease may be contagious, including the flu.Rather, the disease is not yet cured.
  • It runs often occur when the first symptoms of asthma.If so, it must manifest asthma.
  • when there is a cough does not cause you any suspicion, and nothing else, in principle, do not worry, because the cough runs almost immediately, then, the reason is that the room does not correspond to any type of weather workouts.

What to do?

If the cough is repeated every time, and only then run, do not need to let things take their course.Attention should be paid to this problem, and if possible to do yourself some conclusions.

is important to note and report to the doctor, at what point is beginning to emerge cough.

  • If, after the start of training takes only 20 minutes or less, and each time you start coughing, then you need to go to the hospital.
  • also considered suspicious cough that occurs after 4 km after jogging.
  • After the pulse rate up to 160 beats, there is a cough, that in itself is cause for concern.

Run necessary only in warm weather, when there is no rain or frost.A place for jogging must be far from the beaten track.If classes are held indoors, there should be clean and comfortable.

If you smoke or drink often, it is better to give up these habits, as the sport they clearly are not compatible!When you think of training are, as necessary, and the cough still occurs, you need to see a specialist.