Milk gastric ulcer

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10 June 2016

stomach ulcer - is not just unpleasant, but also dangerous disease.In no event it is impossible to run the illness.At the first sign that you have an ulcer develops, consult a physician.And they include sharp pains in the stomach and cramps.Unfortunately, to get rid of stomach ulcers is impossible, but to facilitate the course of the disease is quite possible, especially if you follow the recommendations of experts.

doctor prescribes a medication that is suitable in your case and, of course, diet.Often, the main diet for the lady's finger is milk.

Useful properties of milk and dairy products

Cow's milk, even pasteurized, which is sold in stores - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.In fact, it is a solution of different substances - mineral and organic.Their total number - more than two hundred.80-90% milk consists of water, the rest - this, of course, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins, minerals and special protective substances that enhance the immune system, enzymes, hormone


benefits of milk for gastric

milk so useful for patients with gastric ulcer, because it is a weak pathogen of gastric secretion.In other words, it helps the stomach to work, thereby facilitating the symptoms and course of the disease.

Among the most useful for patients with gastric ulcer substances contained in milk can be identified amino acids - methionine, tryptophan, lysine.Most noticeable drawback of these substances in humans.In addition to its therapeutic properties of milk is a well-known source of calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for anyone, especially gastric ulcer.

In what form to use milk with a stomach ulcer?

Milk is sick from a stomach ulcer in any form, including dairy products.You can drink not only cow's milk and goat, which is also beneficial in this disease.But goat's milk, still better half diluted with water, because it is very fat and heavy.

Many may think that milk diet monotonous and boring quickly.But the word "milk diet" does not mean you have to eat only milk.Boil the milk porridge, milk soups with any content.They can be cereals, vegetables, vermicelli.To garnish cook milk sauce, sour cream gravy.From the mass of curd can be prepared delicious dishes.This casserole, soufflé, pudding, cheesecakes.Soufflé sour cream and sugar can replace you with delicious desserts and cakes.And just sometimes nice to drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.

protein that is found in dairy products, is absorbed much faster and easier than the protein enters the body with meat or fish.With such a diet your body will tell you "thank you", and you forget about the pain and spasms that accompany the disease.Be careful: during the autumn and spring often the case of aggravation of the disease.Therefore particularly strict milk diet should be followed exactly in these seasons.