Mushrooms in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

Diabetes in most cases (70%) is triggered by an unhealthy diet, which leads to disruption of metabolic processes.It is a disturbance of the mineral, protein, fat, water and salt, carbohydrate metabolism, alone or in combination.This results in an inadequate response to the body to insulin and, as a consequence, a significant increase in glucose in the blood.The most common problem of violation of carbohydrate metabolism.In this regard, it is understandable that diet therapy is more than half of the total course of treatment of the disease.Diabetics need to monitor constantly their diet regardless of the usefulness of conventional products.Today we will talk about such foods like mushrooms, primarily on recommendations for their use in diabetes.

Basic principles of the use of mushrooms in diabetes

  • is important to take into account the stage of the disease.In the first stage of diabetes mushrooms are an important food in the diet of the patient, as the body contribute to the enrichment of nutrients (
    vitamins, fiber, trace elements and macro), and the overall strengthening of immunity.This allows you to significantly enhance resistance to disease.In the later stages of the disease therapeutic effect of mushrooms is minimal and justified the use of a great variety of gastronomy than the testimony of the treating specialist.You can not have this product in the subacute stage, so as not to provoke complications.
  • is important to comply with the measure.At the first stage of the disease is allowed to eat no more than 200 grams of fungi per day (weight determined by the weight of fresh mushrooms).With the progression of the disease is required to reduce the daily intake of 100 grams.
  • is important to focus on the species growing in the native latitudes.This is due to the fact that the human body is always more adapted to local food.In this regard, it is important to more critical approach to different legends about wonderful products overseas.For example, about such as Chinese shiitake mushrooms, which is credited with the ability to treat many diseases.In fact, the Chinese treatises attributed to the amazing properties of virtually all foods.Official confirmation that shiitake something much more useful than the other species of the fungal family, no.
  • important to give preference to the mushrooms growing in the wild, rather than cultivated.The fact that a fungus habitat a receive adequate nutrition for growth and development and therefore fully reveal their therapeutic potential.
  • most desirable to eat the mushrooms in diabetes - chanterelles, mushrooms, honey, mushrooms (in that order of importance).
  • least desirable to eat mushrooms with diabetes - aspen and birch (in their chemical composition of the carbohydrate content of the most often varied depending on the place of growth and processing method that makes it difficult for diabetics in the calculation of the daily value of grain units).
  • Preferably eat mushrooms boiled or stewed.

Following these recommendations will not only diversify the diet of diabetics, but the benefit to health.