Champagne in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

Anyone who suffers from diabetes knows that a healthy lifestyle and proper diet can help prevent attacks.However, many patients are given a reasonable question, "Can I drink champagne, knowing about diabetes?", Because all the holidays, corporate parties and informal gatherings with friends, usually accompanied by the drinking of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol and diabetes

Everyone knows that concepts such as diabetes and alcohol are compatible with each other a little.At the same time doctors to questions answer that completely abandon champagne is not necessary.Patients should only constantly monitor the level of glucose in their blood and then drinking champagne (in small quantities) to be quite safe.

daring to drink a glass of champagne, we should remember that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is able to harm even completely healthy body.What to say about those who regularly injects himself with drugs that lower blood sugar.And all because of the effects of alcohol, which can cause in

attention and a sense of euphoria at which time a diabetic may not notice the signs of impending danger.In addition, the alcohol contained in champagne, blocks glycogen, and in fact it fills the cells of the body vitality.

quality and quantity

Given the fact that the doctors did not say a categorical "no" to diabetics on the issue of champagne, though, is to be careful.Before drinking bubbly drink verify its quality and good shelf life.Do not drink champagne suspicious origin or if the bottle was opened a few days ago.

Patients with diabetes are not recommended to drink more than 150-200 grams.Even in this case it is necessary to take into account the amount of sugar contained in the beverage.Remember that champagne contributing to a sharp rise in blood sugar, and therefore it is better to reduce the number to a minimum.

Small tips

patient must always carry a certificate indicating the type of diabetes.

drink champagne only small portions and not more than 2 times a week.

After drinking champagne sure to adjust the amount of drugs, and the possibility to measure blood sugar.Choose

champagne with low sugar content.This will help prevent unwanted attacks.