Kefir gastric ulcer

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

digestive system a lot, and yogurt is recommended for medicinal purposes in most of them, and gastric ulcer is no exception.

If the disease is diagnosed less than a week ago or happened five days ago her aggravation, drink kefir is strictly prohibited.The drink is able to provide not only good, it contains substances that irritate.The patient will feel severe pain, discomfort will last a long time.When no relapse, and the patient is recovering little by little you can drink kefir, but the whole process must be supervised by a physician.

When and how much you can drink yogurt at a stomach ulcer?

to yogurt produced the maximum effect, it is necessary to drink only at night.Substances contained in the milk product, have a calming effect on the nervous system, soothe irritation in the stomach.In addition, drinking yogurt at night, the patient will fall asleep faster and sleep will be calmer.

stomach overnight will work in a calm state, so the morning is an excellent feeling.When the disease is almost a

t the end, yogurt can be consumed throughout the day, whenever you want, preferably before meals.If you drink do not hurry, take small sips.So you can enjoy your favorite flavor for a long time get a taste satisfaction.

not need to drink kefir large portions, drink a glass.The beverage should be as fresh.Kefir advance before consumption need to get out of the refrigerator, it can not be reheated, it should gradually acquire room temperature.Only this drink you can drink.

What should be remembered?

If you feel that after drinking kefir you begins to ferment in the stomach, but no pain or discomfort you do not feel, therefore, still have to refrain from eating dairy products.

Despite the fact that yogurt is allowed to drink for stomach ulcers, in some cases, this drink can be absolutely contraindicated.Therefore, prior to use, talk to your doctor.He knows better, whether in your particular case, drinking yogurt.If the doctor is allowed, and you at once or a little later after drinking kefir feel pain of any kind, you should immediately consult a doctor.

course, yogurt can reduce the severity of the disease and its symptoms, but not in all cases.This drink is absorbed pretty quickly enough hours to fully understood by 90% of consumed yogurt.Therefore, it is so fast and cause severe pain when the stomach is not yet ready to use it.

If you recently started treatment, and pain from time to time, you are still concerned, it should be a little of oneself, and not to drink such beverages, which cause unrest and irritation in the stomach.

Aggravation may occur suddenly and then have to come back again to a long and unpleasant procedure for the treatment of ulcers, while again experiencing unbearable pain!