The lump below the knee in front

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10 June 2016

Knee joints are an important element of the musculoskeletal system, so their health must be treated with special care.If you notice that a lump formed knee, you must immediately consult your doctor and find out the reasons for its occurrence.The hospital will help to find out why there was a bump, and appoint necessary treatment for its removal.There are several factors that provoke the seal under the knee in front.We will tell about them later in this article.

inflammatory processes are one of the most common causes leading to the appearance of bumps.If a person has previously been infected wounds in the ankle, it is quite possible that a lump behind the knee was formed as a result of the running of the inflammatory process.Moving to infection popliteal lymph nodes leads to an increase.Purulent lymphadenitis develops the condition that if left untreated can develop into an abscess of the popliteal fossa.To avoid the development of such a condition is possible, if a timely appeal for assistance to the

surgeon.The specialist will open the abscess and clean it.

cyst Becker

This disease is accompanied by acute and unbearable pain in the region of the popliteal hollow and puffiness.If untreated, edema can become a seal.Becker's cyst is formed as a result of inflammation of the membrane covering the inner surface of the joints.This shell has a special function, producing the synovial fluid to lubricate.When the sheath becomes inflamed, the amount of the liquid is greatly increased, and this leads to swelling and compression of the shell.In the initial stage of inflammation is a cyst the size of a pea, but increased rapidly and causes discomfort.Cyst treated by conservative, patients prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.In some cases, a doctor evacuates excess liquid with a long thick needle.

artery aneurysm

Another disease that leads to the formation of the seal under the knee.Cone aneurysm formed below the knee from behind and leads to the development of unpleasant sensations causes a ripple and a nagging pain in the blood vessels.In the absence of drug treatment in a patient may bleed profusely, and delamination occurs due to rupture of the artery.

problems with vessels

lump under his knee may develop as a result of inflammatory processes in the tibial nerve, located at the bottom of the popliteal fossa.This inflammation is easy to recognize, because in its development there is a sharp pain, aggravated by flexing the knee and walking.At the site of inflammation develops edema.If you do not see a doctor in time, the inflammation can spread to the entire lower extremity to the foot.The inflammatory process greatly reduces muscle tone, help the patient can only surgery.

Thrombosis popliteal vein can cause severe pain and the development of inflammation.It is worth noting that this disease is very rare, greatly complicates its diagnosis.The most common diagnosis of thrombosis of the popliteal vein doctors succeed only after the development of its serious complications, such as thromboembolism.The presence of blood clots in the veins below the knee is determined using ultrasound vessels.Further treatment appointed the doctor depending on the size of thrombi and can be conservative or surgical.