Propolis gastric ulcer

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

no secret that gastric ulcer most often occurs in people who eat properly.It is not just a diet of non-compliance but also on the products that are most often choose the wrong, as well as their quantity.

What is the impact of propolis with a stomach ulcer?

Today, propolis, and preparations based on it, are increasingly used in the treatment of stomach ulcers.Widely known in the propolis tincture, propolisnoe oil.Step propolis not only healing, but also protective.The composition of propolis are biologically active substances that can destroy germs.

Propolis, getting into the stomach, ulcers on the surface forms a protective film.It promotes the healing of wounds.The film formed from the propolis in the digestive process for a long time does not disappear.This is what allows you to store surface ulcers in a purified state, which allows it to heal quickly.

inflammatory process thus becomes less.Gradually leave pain and spasms.Furthermore, in normal stomach acidity, bile improved.Almost immediately af

ter the use of propolis patient begins to feel the improvement.The use of propolis for the treatment of gastric ulcers preclude nucleation cancer cells.

What can you make of propolis for the treatment of ulcers?

Independently of propolis tincture can be prepared efficiently.Especially for this purpose a good natural product which is obtained by beekeepers, but the fact that you can buy at the pharmacy, has a very good effect on the stomach ulcer.

Take 100 g rubbing alcohol, as tightly as possible, that is at least 70 ° C and placed in a fresh 30 g of crushed propolis.To tincture a more efficient, it is necessary to prepare in densely cork glass bottle, and the color of the glass should be dark.

mixture is shaken and put in a dark place (such as a wardrobe).Within three days, the bottle should be shaken vigorously every day.After a specified time, the tincture is ready to use.

use such medicine should be carefully and according to the recommendations.Take a quarter cup of cold water.To the water was absolutely pure, it is recommended that you boil, then cool.The water is added exactly 30 drops of tincture of the above, and stir.

If done correctly, the water in a glass acquire unclear white.The emulsion necessarily drink before a meal, while the treatment is going Daily: 1st day - six times a day and once after the last food intake;2nd day - four times a day;from 3 to 20 th day - three times a day.

For ten days, not running a stomach ulcer is almost healed, the patient will disappear all the symptoms of the disease.Treatment in this case it is not necessary to stop, it is important to bring it to the end.So you do not just cure the disease, but also support the immune system.

used was a bottle of liqueur and the cake is not worth throwing in it, just in case you can cook even a tincture.