Than to treat eye burns from welding?

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10 June 2016

eyes - a very important organ of man.They need to be protected.The eyes are exposed to particularly dangerous for people involved in welding.Failure to comply with safety regulations can get burned, called elektrofotooftalmiey.In this case it is important to know how to treat it.

features eye burns during welding

eye burns from welding is different severity - from mild to very severe, depending on the degree of exposure.Scorch occurs due to the action of ultraviolet rays on the eye having a specific wavelength.As a result, damaged cells with reddening of the conjunctiva and eyelids, corneal clouding, inflammation develops.At moderate blisters may appear on the skin, in more severe burns - the withering away of the top layer of skin.At any rate the severity of burn patient experiences eye pain, tearing, photophobia.There is a sense of contact with the eyes of sand.The powerful dose can affect the retina and lead to tissue necrosis up to the loss of vision.The first symptoms of exposure appear gradual

ly, as a rule, growing for 7-8 hours after the incident.

treatment of eye burns that occurred as a result of welding

main objectives of the treatment of eye burns from welding are:

  • pain relief;
  • elimination of discomfort;
  • reduction in the rate of the patient.

First of all, the victim should be given first aid.The patient must be isolated from sunlight and give painkillers and antihistamines.Eyes are rinsed in a large volume of water with the addition of manganese.Proper washing do so.Wet a large wad of cotton wool in the form of nevyzhatom for 10-15 minutes to wash out eyes in the direction of the temple - the nose around the edges of the eyelids.Wet a cotton swab, remove any foreign particles from the eye.Among the activities of first aid can also be attributed to the eyes moist lotion of boric acid solution or a soda.The victim does not have to rub your eyes to avoid the amplification of inflammation.

next step is the treatment of burns - applying antiseptic ointment for the eyes, for example, tetracycline.For removal of inflammation apply a drop (sulfatsil sodium).Drugs for treatment of eye burns when welding should appoint an expert.Before removing the inflammatory processes of the victim is recommended to wear glasses with tinted windows made of glass and plastic can be used.

Mild burn victim often do not seek medical help, and saved himself from the attachment to the eyes of gauze bags of grated raw potatoes.Well relieve pain lotion sachets of tea leaves used, which also reduces swelling, relieves redness.If you use a decoction of chamomile, it also reduces inflammation.To speed up the healing of wounds, it is recommended to use ointments Aktovegin, Solkoseril.Most often burns from welding are 3-4 days.In more complex cases, it is impossible to engage in self-medicate.