How useful yogurt?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

milk and milk products are necessary in the diet of healthy people - it is an indisputable fact.As for the yogurt, it is almost universal use for a product that has almost no contraindications, and will be useful for everyone without exception.

how to make yogurt

For the production of pasteurized milk curdled take high quality.In order to achieve its ripening, use special lactic acid bacteria.Notably, it is taken that pure cultures of bacteria.

production technology quickly boiled milk first.Thereafter, it was homogenized and cooled to a desired temperature.The optimum temperature for the production of yogurt - not higher than 40 ° C.The milk is added to bacteria or leaven.After some time the milk is transformed into homogeneous clusters of white or yellowish color.

remarkable that for the production of different types of yogurt are using different types of bacteria.Yogurt can be common, and there are varieties of it - fermented baked milk, varenets, matsun and others.

Useful properties of yogurt

Useful properties of yogurt are due to its unique composition.There are fatty acids and amino acids, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body, dietary fiber and many vitamins.

Lactic acid in yogurt, has a good effect on the digestive tract.In addition, this component is great for preventing diseases of the pancreas.

Sour quickly digested and has an antimicrobial effect.Therefore, in its action in many respects it is similar to the action of antibiotics.If you have gastritis, enteritis or colitis, constipation happen, we just need to include in your diet yogurt.This will greatly facilitate your life.

One of the unique properties of yogurt - it protivoskleroticheskoe action that caused fatty acid content.Great yogurt for prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, can eliminate the hypertension.

In cosmetology yogurt is used as skin and hair.It regulates metabolism, lightens the skin and helps remove age spots.Hair after masks based on yogurt are soft, shiny and silky.

How to use yogurt

Sour - is not only useful, but tasty product.Therefore, it can be easy to drink with the addition of various fruits and berries, sugar.Many drink and yogurt with no additives, it has a pleasant milky taste.Mistresses like to add yogurt to baked goods.Then she turns lush and beautiful.

as a means of skin care yogurt applied to the face as a whitening and nourishing mask.For hair care, add the yogurt suitable oils and hold on the hair after washing.Rinse with warm water.

Sour - a universal and irreplaceable dairy product that heals the body, both inside and outside.