Small pimples on forehead

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09 June 2016

forehead refers to a portion of the body with a large number of sebaceous glands, the so-called T-zone (the frontal part of the wings of the nose, chin).Therefore, even a person having dry skin can sometimes appear small pimples on the forehead.

reasons for the appearance of small pimples on the forehead

emergence of small rash of pimples in the area of ​​the forehead can be caused by both external factors and internal.

pores on his forehead broader, so often is their blockage.Active action sebaceous glands are abundant in the facial area, clogging is even greater, which may cause the accumulation of bacteria and inflammation.

The external irritants, leading to the formation of small pimples on the forehead, include:

  • poor hygiene;
  • overreliance cosmetic hair care products (foams, gels, varnishes, etc.);
  • very frequent use of powder foundation.

Such cosmetics, tend to accumulate in the pores of the skin, leading to its inflammation.

The internal reasons of the cosmetic appearance of trouble i


  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hormonal causes;
  • taking certain medications;
  • poor immunity.

Small pimples on the forehead appear frequently in adolescents during puberty and hormonal changes associated with the body.The same reason can cause the formation of acne in pregnant women and during menstruation.

Arise of this kind can and pimples due to irritation of the skin caused by sweating, by wearing a headdress made of a material that is irritating to the skin on the forehead.

reasons for the appearance of small pimples should identify a specialist who will prescribe treatment.

treatment of small pimples on the forehead

If the cause of this cosmetic problem - unhealthy diet, you should change it.It is desirable to eliminate from the diet of chocolate, sweets, coffee, soft drinks with gas, fat.Useful plain water, fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat and fish.Prepare dishes in boiled or baked form.

important in the treatment of pimples right daily skin care.Use a cleanser for oily skin.Thus it is necessary to know that too frequent washing can cause the sebaceous glands to release excessive body fat.

Patients suffering from this problem may designate a course of treatment enterosorbents (enterosgelem, polipefamom).

Skin care is necessary to choose the right, according to skin type.

To assist in getting rid of small pimples on the forehead are drugs with antimicrobial activity, lotions based on salicylic acid.For washing, you can use tar soap.Good effects have podsushivayuschee mask based on white clay.

By popular recipes to get rid of pimples on the forehead include wiping bottlenecks herbal infusions based on camomile, calendula, celandine, oak bark.

In beauty salons will help in the treatment of small pimples on the forehead, suggesting mechanical cleaning, disinfection, dried mask, as well as the application of medicated creams and gels.