Calendula tincture acne

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09 June 2016

rash, irritation, pimples on the face and body - who do not know about these troubles and foes of female beauty.How often you need to have a stunning and awesome views, but with such a problem on the face of it is not always possible.And the matter is not in appearance, because now there are many cosmetic products that can mask the unhealthy skin.People who have problem skin, begin to complete, to feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Medicinal properties of calendula tincture

effective way to combat acne, post-acne scars and a tincture of calendula.This simple tool can be bought at any drugstore, and it costs a penny.Calendula tincture on alcohol is sold without a prescription, packaged in small bottles of pharmacy and has a yellowish-brown color.

often seeking effective ways to care for problem skin, we forget or do not even know about the simple cosmetics used by even our grandparents.One of the most effective anti-inflammatory agents in folk medicine are marigold - calendula.This herb grows in the c

entral regions of Europe.Wonderful healing properties of this plant have flowers that are bright orange color and shape of daisies.

Methods of application of tincture of calendula

Calendula has wonderful anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.Ready calendula tincture on alcohol sold in a pharmacy.Depending on the condition and type of skin and need to use this alcoholic solution.If on the face appeared a few pimples, should be carefully lubricate the problem areas with a solution applied on a cotton swab.When spots "dotted" all face, it is necessary to lubricate the solution applied to a cotton pad, all problem areas.It should be remembered that the tincture of calendula - is an alcoholic solution, which dries the skin.If you have sensitive or dry skin, then you need to grease spots dot.Alcohol tincture has coloring properties, so the procedure should be done at night, causing calendula tincture on clean skin.

excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and has a decoction of calendula.Cook it at home quite easily.It is necessary to prepare or buy at the pharmacy, dried marigold flowers and herbal teas do: dried flowers pour boiling water and infuse for 15-20 minutes.Decoction of dried marigold flowers should rinse face morning and evening.

Calendula tincture on alcohol and decoction of dried marigold flowers can work wonders.When acne and post-acne scars on the skin should be kept lubricated with alcohol tincture of problem areas and rinse face decoction of marigold flowers, and as a reward for your work provide a clean and beautiful skin.

Causes of acne on the skin

  • Allergic reactions to foods, plants or detergents;
  • children dermatitis;
  • puberty boys and girls;
  • incorrect and poor nutrition;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • unfavorable environment (dust and fumes in the air).

If your skin over the years has a very unattractive appearance, and the appearance of acne is not due to the above reasons, it is necessary to seek help from a dermatologist.Sometimes doctors in the most extreme cases it is recommended to do a blood transfusion.Often the rash - a consequence of diseases of internal organs, and if you are concerned about frequent ailments and internal cramps, immediately consult a physician.

Stay healthy and beautiful!