Tar soap for acne

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09 June 2016

tortured you fight acne, irritation and permanent skin rash?You should always keep in mind that all brilliant - just.Often in search of super funds to care for problem skin, we forget or do not even know about simple and effective folk cosmetics used by even our grandparents.

tar soap ... What do you know about him?Maybe someone is using it for quite some time, and someone hears it for the first time.And every cosmetic product that is actively discussed on the Internet.If you read all the reviews that brought this product you will never find a negative opinion.The most important and indisputable advantage tar soap is that it is a means of care face and body is versatile and suitable for people with different types of skin regardless of age.

composition and therapeutic properties of tar soap

modern cosmetics production produces a huge amount of money on skin care products.Before you buy something, it is recommended to carefully study the components and ingredients, and not to look at the beautiful p

ackaging and attractive appearance.Tar soap has a nondescript packaging and even more so attractive color - brown-brown.In cosmetics only two ingredients: 90% soap and 10% natural birch tar.

Universal healing properties of birch tar were known to our ancestors.Even our grandmothers cooked soap and added to tar him to maintain a healthy looking skin.Tar soap has undeniable advantages and serves as an antiseptic, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, anesthetic and antiparasitic property.Soap equally favorable effect on inflamed childhood, teenage or mature skin.

Causes of rashes and pimples on the skin can be very different:

  • Allergic reactions - itching, peeling and redness of the skin on the face or body.
  • Dermatitis - allergic reaction gentle children's skin food, dyes, or food supplements.
  • puberty.Acne, rashes and ulcers - the most common problem that bothers boys and girls puberty.
  • Improper diet - eating greasy, spicy, high-calorie food is unhealthy.As slagging of the body appear rash.
  • sedentary lifestyle - the body lacks oxygen and elementary charge.
  • unfavorable environment (dust and fumes in the air) - is a perennial problem for the inhabitants of large cities and megacities.

If your skin over the years has a very unattractive appearance, and the appearance of acne is not due to the above reasons, it is necessary to seek help from a dermatologist.Sometimes doctors recommend to do a blood transfusion.Skin rash - a consequence of certain diseases of internal organs, and if you are concerned about unpleasant ailments and internal cramps, immediately consult a physician.

Dosing tar soap

tar soap must wash twice a day - morning and evening.If there is a rash on the body, you should use tar soap every time you take a shower.The constant use of cosmetic products will improve the condition of your skin to such an extent that you forget about acne forever.In order to prevent use tar soap twice a week.

tar soap you can buy in any store.Manufacturers produce:

  • solid tar soap;
  • liquid tar soap;
  • flavored tar soap;
  • tar handmade soap.

Be always beautiful, take care of yourself!