Tingling in the legs: Causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

Few people have never encountered in my life with the phenomenon of tingling in the legs.It can occur due to natural causes.For example, during intense exercise, due to a long stay in an uncomfortable position, for longer stays in cold water and so on.Typically, in such cases, tingling and sometimes a short one-time in nature.This disadvantage should not cause concern as it is a normal reaction to these or other conditions.However, the medical practice is considering tingling in the legs also as a symptom of a wide range of diseases, many of which can be classified as severe.Thus, if a tingling in the legs occurs often enough and long passes, then it should pay particular attention to and seek the advice of the treating specialist and diagnostics.The following are the basic disease, a symptom of which is the phenomenon of tingling in the legs.

Causes tingling in the legs

  1. Neuralgia, neuroses and a stress condition.There are due to the complexity of muscle relaxation.As a rule, preceded by a tingling
    sensation of pulling and tension, sometimes a pinched nerve.In the latter case, pricking accompanied by severe pain, localized in one section of the lower limbs (usually in the calf).One of the specific cases of a syndrome of tingling suspense failure (most commonly occur before sexual intercourse with a new partner).Also accompanied by sweating and erectile dysfunction.
  2. Mechanical nerve damage (by displacement, injury and so on).The damage can not occur locally, and also in adjacent areas of the body.The most commonly tingling is caused by nerve damage in his lower back.Occurs when osteochondrosis, arthritis and so on.In these diseases, often accompanied by tingling, numbness long individual sections of the limbs.Numbness can last from several hours to several years, if not conduct timely treatment.
  3. Problems with the cardiovascular system and, as a result, blood flow is also a violation of the symptoms presented by tingling and numbness of the lower extremities.These include diseases such as atherosclerosis (the formation of plaque), varicose veins, and so on.When diabetes is also not uncommon for circulatory disorders of the lower extremities.
  4. neoplastic processes in the body.Benign or malignant tumors in the sprawl may pinch the adjacent vessels, and peripheral nerves.
  5. Smoking.Provokes violation oxygen exchange with the environment and, as a consequence, the natural process of stable blood supply to the body.
  6. In multiple sclerosis, also recorded a tingling in the lower extremities.

Thus, tingling in the lower extremities can be a troubling symptom, which is recommended to consult a doctor.