Coughing after exercise

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09 June 2016

Long ago doctors became known fact cough and respiratory disorders that develop in some people after exercise.Transfer weights, jogging, brisk walking, cycling can cause severe bouts of coughing and choking.Asthma physical exertion - is the name of this syndrome.In people with the disease during physical stress very strongly dilates the bronchi, and then just as abruptly narrowed, causing choking and coughing.This disease can affect both children and adults.


initial signs of the disease - shortness of breath, cough.Basically attacks occur when a change in temperature, physical exertion.Basically, the disease develops due to a virus, which functions in the respiratory tract, as well as cells and bronchial mucosa.During viral infection air guide channels especially sensitive to external stimuli - tobacco smoke, cold dry air, physical exertion.

At the beginning of the disease burden light, walking transferred normally, but every attack violated separation of bronchial secretions.This gives rise

to the development of chronic bronchitis, and then the slightest exercise, laughter, or shortness of breath can become short of breath, whistling cough.At the beginning of the disease cough runs itself after 30-40 minutes of rest.Later on it will be possible to get rid of attacks only with drugs that enhance the bronchi.

Treatment During the treatment of this disease, doctors noticed that in a humid and warm climates patients to breathe more easily, and better exercise capacity.Based on these facts, the scientists concluded that the disease manifests itself during the drying and cooling of the respiratory tract and mucous membrane, as well as during periods of rapid breathing and exercise.Such reaction

organism can occur when there are inherent problems with the respiratory system or under the influence of allergic reactions, virus infection, as well as due to external stimuli, such as nicotine.

To reduce the frequency of attacks, it is not necessary to abandon the exercise, it is desirable to train the organs of the respiratory system.You can go swimming, gymnastics simple, but in a measured pace.To increase the load should be gradually while avoiding sharp unevenness of their species.Before physical activity, consult a doctor.After his permission to do before training inhaled substances that enhance the bronchi.For example, suitable Brikanil, Berotek, Salbutamol.Also, use these tools to enter the cold to cold dry air flows do not cause respiratory disorders and dry mucous membranes.In frosty dry days, try to go out less.If there is a need to leave is necessary, cover your mouth and nose with a scarf.

bronhorasshiryayuschimi not abuse drugs.These drugs can not be used more than 6 times per day.Overdose can cause arrhythmia, palpitations, myocardial infarction.

During the first symptoms should see a doctor, go through all the proposed tests and do not neglect the prescribed treatment.