After the running sore knees

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

is rare to meet someone who is actively involved in sports, particularly running, and he at the same time hurt his knees.Basically, this problem occurs just at those people who carry out jogging is very rare and never before in such a general principle, does not engage.

Why after running sore knees?

  • knee joint has a complex structure and when it imposed more pressure, and this is what happens in the race, the joint simply does not stand up and starts to hurt.
  • pain may come for a different reason.Within the joint itself can be any pathology (arthritis, synovitis, bursitis), on which a person may not know or even guess over the years until, until the knee does not have a stronger strain than during normal walking.Load exacerbates inflammation and the person begins to feel the aching pain of various kinds.
  • Perhaps if properly organized training has been accidentally damaged cartilage (meniscus), which is located in the knee joint.The meniscus is kept stable through ligaments, if some of them for vari
    ous reasons, partly or fully cut off there is a serious injury.Typically, the presence of such damage, some time later, is formed on the knee swelling.
  • When running often takes a dislocated kneecap.Nothing dangerous here, but if a dislocation occurs more than two times, and then the injury will be repeated periodically.In this case, the pain during the run to become a runner "norm".
  • Excessive load or trauma leads to rupture of the ligaments that are in the joint.At once there is a sharp pain and swelling.Begun becomes limited in his movements, touching the knee causes severe pain.
  • Poor circulation of blood in the knee area leads to a slight pain, but they are quickly and independently tested.

What to look for when jogging

What if after running start to hurt your knees?If even after some runs you have a feeling of discomfort and pain in the knees, you should think seriously about what is happening.This is especially true for those people who are seriously going jogging.

to knees or while running or after it does not hurt (I mean normal people), to properly perform the running exercises.It is not necessary to give a strong load.Location should be chosen to run correctly.If you are unable to use treadmills for training, then it is better to engage on a flat terrain, which has hills and knolls.

Before the start of training is best to consult with a professional trainer who will tell all about the correct running and that should be considered under constant and intensive lessons.Teach you how to hold the body when running, put the right foot.

Equally important is the choice of shoes for training.On this little thing also need to pay attention.If the shoes for such training is not suitable, it can not only trigger the pain, but also cause serious injury.