Fish oil arthrosis

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

known that such diseases as arthritis due to the deformation of the cartilage, which is a protective layer between the surfaces of the bones in the joints.Due to age-related changes in the human bones become hard nature of the activity, lose elasticity, leading to a gradual blurring of the protective layer.With the depletion of cartilage in the joints of the main patient begins to feel a sharp pain, often patients lose mobility.Osteoarthritis is a very common disease among the elderly.It is for this reason, the search for high-quality modern medicine treatment of osteoarthritis pays great attention worldwide.

To date, numerous studies have allowed scientists to identify the valuable properties of fish oil.It was found that fish oil is the primary source of vitamins such as A and D, which are essential for the growth of bone, and it includes fatty acids such as omega-3.The above-mentioned vitamins and fatty acids not only normalize the body's metabolism, but also is responsible for the transportation o

f iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, calcium and other elements necessary for the stable operation of the joints and bones.

Scientists have found that fish oil helps reduce the specific enzymes in the blood, innocent in the depletion layer of cartilage.As well as the results of studies have confirmed that the use of fish oil in the first two weeks, promotes a dramatic reduction in bone tissue chemicals that provoke the development of early and severe osteoarthritis.Furthermore, fish oil is able to qualitatively reduce pain in osteoarthritis, improve the condition of cartilage and joints, as well as to relieve of inflammatory process.

It should be noted that fish oil is not able to fully restore the damaged tissue of the joints, respectively, in order to stop the development of osteoarthritis, use a product such as fish oil is insufficient.Therefore in modern medicine for several years trying to create a unique drug based on fish oil, which will be able to not only treat arthritis, but also to restore deforming joints.For this reason, leading experts recommend consuming fish oils at an early age to avoid the appearance of osteoarthritis in adulthood.