How to distinguish angina diphtheria?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

At first glance, angina - a common inflammation of the throat, in which there are symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fever and general weakness.It would seem that the treatment suggests itself - gargling, antibiotics, bed rest and after 4-5 days will be healthy again.However, angina is a more serious disease than it seems.Given the fact that its symptoms are very similar to another insidious disease - diphtheria, then self-medicate is not only recommended but also absolutely contraindicated.So how to distinguish what exactly ill, if the symptoms are similar and do not always "withdraw" at the correct diagnosis?

What is the causative agent?

Angina - a disease caused mainly by streptococci, which penetrate the soft tissue and cause inflammation of the tonsils.Since these bacteria are sufficiently active, their reproduction on the tissue causes rapid sore throat, a touch in the mouth, fever, and even intoxication.Angina, not a warning in time, can lead to serious consequences, because the toxins rele

ased by streptococci, eventually enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, causing inflammation of the organs and tissues.

Diphtheria provokes stick Leffler, got out of the environment in the oropharynx.Its bacteria are also mobile and active, like a sore throat, causing the patient has virtually the same symptoms - severe inflammation of the lymph nodes, filmy coating on the oropharynx and chills.However, if the wrong treatment of angina diphtheria much worse, as it can lead to death.

differences angina and diphtheria

defined the pathogens move directly to the differences that will help identify the disease and the appropriate treatment:

  1. first step is to explore the mouth of the presence of plaque.If sore throat, he often has a yellow color and can be easily removed from the surface of the tonsils.Because this disease is easy enough, plaque and inflammation localized only on the tonsils and very rarely go beyond them.As diphtheria, it is possible to determine the characteristic gray patina not merely on the tonsils, but in all tissues of the oropharynx.To remove this coating is very difficult and very painful, because the place immediately begins to bleed.
  2. now determine where localized swelling.When angina it is observed only on the tonsils (at advanced stage may slightly go beyond), while in diphtheria can see not only the severe swelling of the oropharynx, and neck (severe forms of diphtheria are characterized by swelling below the collarbone).
  3. Another difference from diphtheria angina - severe pain in the throat, which is present throughout the entire treatment period.It is quite harsh and painful, evident in the use of food and swallowing.When diphtheria sore throat is virtually absent and the patient may feel a slight discomfort due to edema of the oropharynx.

Anyway, it is not recommended to detect the disease and treat yourself.Entrust is a specialist business and be healthy!