How useful baking soda?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

Sodium bicarbonate, or as we often call it the substance - baking soda to mind is a white micronized powder, which has many beneficial properties for the human body.Furthermore, soda does not adversely affect not only animals but also plants.

Because soda has many useful properties, it is widely used not only at home in cooking and cleaning utensils, for medical purposes, but also in various industries, ie the substance is used on a large scale and volumes.Besides the fact that we are constantly buying soda, the substance can be found in the mineral water and other places.

Useful properties of baking soda

  • With soda can achieve thinning phlegm and spitting due to her naturally.For this soda dissolved in warm water and rinse operate up to several times per day.
  • Soda has always been used as an antibacterial agent.It is used in a rash.She can handle the surface of the furniture and utensils for the purpose of cleaning and disinfection.Soda is used to whiten teeth more than twice a month.
  • soda anti-inflammatory properties help in the shortest period of time to remove the inflammation.To this end, the soda is used in inflammation of the gums, acute dental pain that is accompanied by inflammation.Also soda used in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
  • When rinsing and applying of soda lotion quickly heal wounds.
  • sudden attack of arrhythmia can be removed quickly, if you drink a weak solution of baking soda.So often in people who have heart problems, can be seen with a soda.
  • Hardened tissue in the area of ​​the elbows and heels can easily soften if for some time to make baking soda.Sodium hydrogen carbonate it is possible to cure the fungus on his feet.Often it is used for cleaning the woman and douching.In some cases the ash can help in infectious diseases.
  • Drunk soda, diluted in water, is able to lower the pressure at this would be withdrawn from the body the accumulated excess fluid in different places.
  • Regular use of soda bath improves blood circulation.
  • Soda able to stop vomiting and normalize the bowels.
  • outbreak of heartburn can be almost instantly pay off, if you take a little bit of soda inside.But this should be done only in extreme cases, as in recent years scientists have argued that after a possible backlash, and the release of gastric juices back again.
  • Once bitten many insects rub body soda solution, the itching will be over.
  • In ancient Egypt, the soda was used in the mummification of people.
  • soda is used in the cooking of many products for their softening.For example, when boiled meat or beans add a little soda and cooking process is greatly reduced.
  • If you have the legs you need to prickly heat in the morning to pour a little baking soda in shoes.Gradually, the smell, and soon will be sweating.Old soda every evening to throw away, just pour out of the shoe.

all the useful properties of baking soda exist thanks to its wonderful composition.

What is baking soda?

about baking soda is rumored that she has absolutely no calories, so it is.As part of sodium bicarbonate is completely absent of carbohydrates, proteins and fats of different origin.The substance comprises a sodium and selenium.

Since ash is alkaline, it can cause considerable harm to the body, so this product should not "joke."Use of sodium bicarbonate in reasonable dosages need not too often!