Baking soda for heartburn

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

Heartburn are familiar to everyone.In order to get rid of the discomfort some people prefer to use only finished pharmaceutical products.Some people just wait out until the heartburn pass.However, the majority prefers to treat the syndrome of burning a variety of folk remedies, one of which is baking soda.

used in this case, it is quite simple.To get rid of such a phenomenon is only necessary to drink purified water, which is previously dissolved soda.Usually, an 1: 4 ratio.After the use of this solution is a burning sensation will take just a few minutes.

However, doctors are advised to use this method only in emergency cases when you do not have other dosage forms, and heartburn so severe that there is simply no strength to endure.The reason for that - the specificity of the impact of ash on our body.

Heartburn is a direct result of contact with stomach acid into the esophagus.While, when a person has used coveted soda solution, the action of the acid is neutralized as a result of carbon dioxide r

elease.However, the active ingredient is a strong irritant for the mucous membrane of the stomach, which in turn activates the formation of subsequent portions of hydrochloric acid.

So it turns out that the soda solution is only temporary blocker heartburn, and absolutely does not contribute its full localization.It is therefore quite natural that after non-durable period of time a person will experience pain again, and they often become even more intense.Therefore, doctors Beware of the regular use of soda to get rid of heartburn symptoms, and focus attention on the fact that the excessive use of this component can cause a number of serious chronic diseases.And all because of sodium, which is a component of soda, intensely absorbed in the blood and causes its high content in the body.This in turn leads to breakage and loss of elasticity of blood vessels.The most common of such harmful effects suffered kidney and cardiovascular system.

We conclude that as a one-time emergency assistance from heartburn soda can be used, but it regularly receiving highly undesirable.