How to distinguish chickenpox from allergies?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

For proper treatment of any disease and primary basic acts of his loyal and timely diagnosis.However, a large number of illnesses have similar symptoms, which causes some difficulty in their diagnosis.Below will be described a system of differentiation of varicella (chickenpox) allergy, but first it is important to refer to the conceptual framework, and the definition of giving, and other diseases.

Chicken pox is a viral disease characterized by an acute course with fever and rash appearance papulovezikuleznoy and transmitted by airborne droplets.

Allergy is a wide range of diseases associated with increased sensitivity to the human immune system exposed to the allergen, and symptoms manifested extensive - from urticaria to edema and death.

main differences varicella allergy

  1. nature of the lesions.It should be noted immediately that the rash is the main sign of chickenpox, while allergy rash may not appear.Chickenpox is characterized, as mentioned above papulovezikuleznymi rashes - first manifeste
    d in the form of non-convex pink spots with a diameter of 4 mm, which are rapidly converted into a papule (a distinctive bulge that can be noted both by palpation and visual inspection).Gradually it transformed into a part of the papules vesicles (blisters filled with serous matter).Allergic rashes can have different visual component, but never vesicles appear.The most common nature of the rash in allergy - hives (like a nettle burns).
  2. Hyperthermia.If chickenpox is a common symptom of feverish condition with a significant increase in the temperature of the human body.Allergy is characterized by hyperthermia are not in most cases.
  3. Specificity flow.When allergy rash appears as one of the main symptoms, which is on the wane in eliminating allergen exposure on humans.Chickenpox, by contrast, rash is a secondary symptom, following the suppression of the human immune system is a virus that expressed fever with hyperthermia.The rash does not go a long time (three weeks), and the place of the old, new.
  4. Specificity flow.Allergy symptoms are usually quickly eliminated after taking antihistamines (suprastin, Tavegilum, diphenhydramine, and so on).If chickenpox is also recommended intake of antihistamines, but they serve only as a complementary therapy can reduce itching.
  5. more information.Chickenpox is peculiar not only the appearance of rashes on the skin, and mucous membranes.When allergy rash is localized in most cases only on the skin.And, it is important to note that the sick chickenpox only once in life, and if people have already suffered the disease, it means that this time he is not exactly chicken pox.

thus differentiate allergies from chickenpox is quite simple, but, nevertheless, the appearance of any of the above symptoms it is better to consult a doctor, as there is still a large number of similar manifestations of the disease.