First aid for frostbite feet

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09 June 2016

Under frostbite meant damage to the layer of the skin due to the action of negative temperatures.Most often, frostbite exposed protruding or exposed body parts - ears, nose, hands and feet.

reasons frostbite feet

frostbitten feet, often contributes to the air temperature in winter below -10 ° C.Sometimes it is in the spring and autumn period, if a long time to be on the air, and thus will be a strong wind and high humidity.

frostbite feet can also cause such reasons:

  • tight shoes;
  • cold injury;
  • long forced an awkward position;
  • sweating of the feet;
  • vascular disease of the legs;
  • drunkenness.

When the influence of alcohol dilates blood vessels, so that there is a rapid loss of heat.It was a man in the stage of intoxication often arise severe frostbite feet, which can lead to amputation.This happens due to the loss of normal movement capacity and the inability to take any action against the frost.

Feature frostbite feet

a result of exposure to low air temperatures tissue are subject to chan

ge, the complexity of which depends on the temperature and the period of validity.The largest number of cases of frostbite feet happens in a temperature range from -10 ° C to -20 ° C.In the event of a spasm in the network of blood vessels decreases blood flow and poorly supplied to the tissues of oxygen, resulting in frostbite.If the temperature is below - 30 ° C, cold immediately has an effect on the limbs tissue, whereby cells are killed.

When the light frostbite feet skin becomes pale at first, but after warming - red and swells.The patient experiences a burning, tingling and numbness in the feet area.There may be a pain and itching.Symptoms are a week after the incident.

If frostbite stage 2 is added to the common grounds of the formation of bubbles on the skin filled with a clear liquid.The reduction will require 2 weeks.

third degree is characterized by the appearance of bubbles of blood to the loss of sensitivity.Skin cells die, they get off the nails and can not be restored or be deformed.Scarring occurs up to 30 days.

At stage 4 feet frostbite occurs necrosis of soft tissues of the feet and even a partial defeat of joints and bones.After the legs warmed up, there is a strong growing rapidly swelling.The temperature of the skin is reduced, and the sensitivity is lost.

First aid for frostbite feet

Help frostbitten feet when used as an emergency to provide skilled medical care.It depends on the degree of frostbite, and consists of the following actions:

  • casualty into a warm room, take off his shoes and socks.
  • At 1 stage frostbite to warm his feet, rubbing his hands with a cloth until the redness of the hair with the help of the breath, and then make a dressing.
  • If the degree of frostbite from 2 to 4, rubbing limbs is not recommended.It should be on your feet bandage (gauze, cotton wool, gauze), cover the top of the oilcloth.Then fix the limb, using the means at hand - a plate, thick cardboard, which is fixed on top of the dressing.
  • Give the patient hot tea and a hot meal, analgesics - aspirin, Nospanum and papaverine for the vessels.
  • Mild cooling good effect warming bath with a gradual increase in the water temperature from 25 ° C to normal.

When providing first aid for frostbite legs can not rub a limb snow, warming up by the fire and his feet like heat sources as well as oil and rub rub legs alcohol when severe frostbite.