Cooked beets with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

Beetroot - a product that is often used in cooking a variety of dishes.This root appreciate not only housewives but also doctors.Beetroot has a number of remarkable properties, it is used in atherosclerosis, constipation and hypertension.But for all the diseases you can eat beets?For example, is it possible to have a beet pancreatitis?

Cooked beets

pancreatitis Pancreatitis - a disease of the pancreas, which should be treated not only drugs, but also a certain diet.

There are acute and chronic pancreatitis.In the acute form of the disease need food that will not load the gastrointestinal tract, and in the beet, despite its enormous benefits, a large amount of fiber, which is poorly absorbed.For the body of a healthy person is, on the contrary, it is a big plus, such food will only stimulate the bowels.But in acute pancreatitis beet is able to deliver to the patient only unnecessary problems.

In chronic pancreatitis beet is very useful, but only boiled!It contains iodine, which has beneficial effec

ts on the pancreas.Besides boiled beets digested much better than fresh.Boiled beet has a number of useful features: it cleanses the intestines, has diuretic properties, increases blood pressure and regulates the metabolism.In addition, the boiled root is able to adjust fat metabolism and prevents the process of developing liver disease.

menu input person with pancreatitis, boiled beets should be gradual.We must start with a tablespoon, then gradually over several days to increase the dose to 100 g

necessary to cook beets.If it is middle size, for its preparation it will require at least two hours.If the root is large, it must be divided into pieces, cooked beets so much faster.Typically, the mistress when cooked beets add vinegar or lemon juice, acid, to keep bright and rich color.However, for a person with this variant pancreatitis root preparation is not suitable.Such additives may provoke a new attack of the disease.It is best to cook the beets with the skin in order to better preserve the beneficial properties.You can prepare the root not only in the usual pan and an oven or double boiler.Before use directly in the food beet should be very good rub.