First aid for frostbite hand

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 June 2016

Many people like to walk through the snow-covered winter park, go skiing or skating, but we must remember that this walk can bring not only positive emotions, and health problems as a result of hypothermia.

first symptoms of frostbite

Usually, primarily supercooled hands.This usually happens to those who do not really like to wear gloves and mittens.In mild frostbite your skin turns white, there is a partial loss of sensitivity.It is important that people pay attention to these signs of frostbite and began to apply the necessary measures, otherwise the situation could get worse and the first stage of frostbite comes second or third.

First Aid

As soon as the first signs of frostbite, you must immediately leave the streets and go to a warm place (café, supermarket, subway station).If no buildings nearby, the hands should be warmer wrap thick cloth and lift up, to improve blood circulation in the limbs.You can not rub hands with snow or rough cloth.This can damage the skin epithelium.After received

microtrauma in the body can get the bacteria that can lead to infection and a general weakening of the body.

Another way of enabling help frostbitten hands are rubbing alcohol or vodka.During the 10-15 minutes you can make hands warm bath with a temperature above 25 ° C (hot tub should not be done).Then hands should be wet (do not rub) and wrapped in a soft thick cloth.

for quick warming of the whole body to the victim would be appropriate to offer a warm tea, juice, tincture of wild rose or warm chicken broth.But alcohol should be avoided, as this may further aggravate the situation.

If the measures taken have not helped, and on the damaged areas began to appear blisters, skin painted in bluish-purple color, become itchy and swollen, that without medical help is necessary.In the hospital impose sterile dressings with healing ointments, injected with anti-bacterial drugs to eliminate the possibility of infection of the blood.

traditional treatments frostbitten hands

Light frostbite can be cured quickly using traditional methods.Very quickly and effectively restore the skin baths with herbal decoctions.

to use the pharmacy chamomile broth and dried marigold blossoms.Herbs mixed in equal proportions, to get a handful of the mixture.Pour a small amount of raw material boiling water and cook for 3-5 minutes.Then remove from heat, cover with a lid and insist quarter of an hour.Then strain the broth, diluted with two liters of warm water and immerse your hands for 10-15 minutes, then wipe hands dry and lubricated badger or goat fat.

best way to avoid frostbite - is to take care of their pens and do not go out into the cold without warm mittens or gloves.It is better if they are made from natural materials (merino wool, goat hair, fur).Before going out in the cold is not superfluous to lubricate the skin of the hands greasy nourishing cream or Vaseline.