How useful red beans?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

The fact that legumes are a valuable source of protein has long been known to many people.And the most common food in all continents were dishes from beans.From it cooked soups and porridge, made meatballs and even baked bread.Widely used, this product is also in cosmetology - in the form of masks and additives in creams and shampoos.Now we know a few of her species, but the most useful is the red beans.Its homeland is America, and India, but high nutritional qualities have made it popular worldwide.

As part of the red beans?

Like all other kinds, red beans - is the main source of easily digestible protein, and by its composition it is close to the meat, but it is much easier to digest.This type of bean is rich in B vitamins, as well as ascorbic acid and carotene.American scientists have found that red beans on the content of vitamin E occupies the first place, so is the strongest antioxidant.It includes also a lot of important health micronutrients, particularly calcium and iron, and sulfur.And most

importantly, it is famous for red beans - a large amount of fiber in its composition.It is because she is the most important dietary dishes.

How useful red beans?

  • due to high content of easily digestible protein it is a highly product and low calorie makes it indispensable for those who want to lose weight;
  • dish of red beans have cleansing properties - derive toxins and normalize the blood sugar level.Because of this, they are useful for people with diabetes and other metabolic disorders.In addition, red bean is a diuretic;
  • eating red beans helps to feel the surge of energy, strengthens the immune system and contribute to the rapid saturation;
  • this plant is very useful in diseases of the stomach and liver, it is easily digested, and fiber helps the absorption of nutrients from other foods;
  • high iron content makes it indispensable in various forms of anemia;
  • red beans helps preserve youth, because it is a powerful antioxidant;
  • it is indispensable for vegetarians and people receiving food with little protein.It perfectly replaces meat.

How to cook red beans?

in its raw form, this plant contains harmful toxic substances.Because of this, it must be soaked before cooking is not less than half an hour.Most of the toxins go into the water, the others disappear during cooking.It is therefore recommended to drain the water in which it was dunk and immediately after boiling.Cook the beans should be at least 10 minutes, depending on what dish you prepare.For salads or side dishes need whole grains, and for cereals, meat balls, soup or mashed can boil it longer.That it was more delicious, it is recommended to add to the water a couple of spoons of oil, and salt it should be only after full readiness.Red beans loses its usefulness either during cooking or even canning.