First aid in case of scalding

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Despite the fact that the temperature, which usually reaches pairs varies around the value of 100 ° C, the damage from his burns will be much greater than that of a conventional hot water!Even the direct flame of fire in 10 seconds will not cause as much damage as couples.This is because that the steam contains water molecules, and they transfer heat faster than the fire.

Therefore, we must try not to give the skin in contact with the steam, even a few seconds.If you could not avoid burns, and injuries happen, you need to pull myself together and try to be able to assist the victim or to himself first aid.

What if you burned the ferry?

First, you need to concentrate and soberly assess the situation.With minor burns can do on its own, but if the injury is serious, then you should immediately call an ambulance.When you need to do something.

burns from steam, even a minor can spread to intact skin or deeper.To avoid this, you need as quickly as possible to make the burnt areas of the cold.If you do no

t have anything suitable, use cold water and ordinary towel is wetted and applied to the affected area.

Once the fever subsides, the skin can be treated with special agents who sell specifically for burns.You can fill the burned area with crushed charcoal.After treatment, it is necessary not to forget that the affected skin can become contaminated, it may be dirty or infection, so be sure to wrap the wound with a bandage.

If the burn is serious and the patient has severe pain, is necessary to give him pain medication and possibly give him to calm down, drink tea and put before the arrival of the ambulance.

When the first aid rendered - or wait for specialists or act further on the circumstances.Minor burns do not require a doctor for the treatment of control, so often in such cases, resort to traditional medicines.

burned area of ​​skin wrapped with a large cabbage leaf.Use only clean and undamaged plant.Cabbage create a cooling effect, and the pain will subside more quickly.

In a bowl, whisk egg and the resulting foam coated with all the damage.A small piece of dark bandage rubbed soap and put on the damaged skin.

What you can not do

  • There is an opinion that any immediate need to burn oiled.With burns from the steam so you can not do, because the oil in the first place will keep heat and will quickly cool the skin, and thus burn more could spread.
  • a mistake, and that if they need to be swollen blisters soon pierce.You increase the pain.At the same time teach the codes generated by an infection in the wound bubbles.
  • No need to touch the burned skin, intensive treatment, avoid friction and pressed strongly.
  • If the burn happened, for example, on the legs, the affected areas in any case should not touch.