Is it harmful to sleep on your stomach?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

The best time for a rest - it is night.After a hard day everyone wants to stay back, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and take your favorite pose.Although there are people who believe that the dream - it is a waste of time.Their reasoning is absurd, because during sleep takes a lot of biological and chemical processes.They affect the full and healthy human life.

harmful to sleep on his stomach: the opinion of doctors

According to doctors, the restoration of the body and its activity, some posture during sleep affect positively, some - no.Even sleeping on your stomach on the opinions diverge.For example, gastroenterologists are advised to take position on the stomach if torture flatulence, colic and other problems of the digestive system.Even as a child, when the child has problems in the tummy, sleep on your stomach weakens them.

At the same time, doctors say that sleep on his stomach let on an empty stomach.This is explained by the physiology of the human body structure.If contentedly eat and sleep

on your stomach, pancreatic enzymes, all fall into the stomach and damage the lining of it.

Sexopathologists strongly against sleeping on the stomach.In this position, the entire weight of the body starts to put pressure on the testes, which after some time will affect sexual function.This applies mainly to males, although women are not less dangerous to sleep on your stomach, as beauty is lost breast volume.

Dermatologists and opponents of sleep on your stomach, and they explain the deformation of facial skin and the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Chiropractors two hands "for" sleeping on the stomach.In their opinion, it is in this position, the intervertebral cartilage begin to straighten.It is also important to take into account what is happening unloading kidney, improve their functionality and cleansing.

conclusion of sleep on his stomach

drawing conclusions from the doctor, you can be sure that sleep on his stomach and helpful and harmful.So before you choose a convenient position in a dream, it is necessary to analyze everything, to feel the behavior of the body after sleeping in different positions.If you can not refuse to sleep on your stomach, and it is impossible to choose another pose, then the need to include self-control and regularly alternate position during sleep.First, the dream is broken, and all you can wake up sore and nevysypannym, but then everything becomes habitual.The main thing to consider that sleeping on the stomach is recommended that no more than one hour, then neither the dermatologist nor the sex therapist is not required to address the problems.

important to remember that doctors, or rather the majority of doctors are opposed to sleep on his stomach.As the load on the internal organs can cause various diseases, it is best to take care of this in advance.

Though even sleep on your side can cause kidney disease, cardiovascular system and even the spine.Only one conclusion - we must constantly alternate position during sleep or learn to sleep standing up and sleep at the same time.The last board was a joke.