Figure in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

about diabetes can safely say that this is one of the most common diseases in modern man.Statistics of the disease is only growing, and the hospital are increasingly turning people with disruption of the endocrine system.

Despite the fact that diabetes - a serious and severe illness, as they say, "you can live with it."In order to avoid complications and seizures, only need to carry out all the recommendations of experts and be sure to eat right.

If you have diabetes for many of the foods should be completely forgotten when the other, on the contrary, it is recommended to use a larger amount, for example, Fig.From it you can prepare many different dishes, the product is very tasty and healthy, but whether it is possible to eat, if a person is sick with diabetes, let's find out.

What is rice?

Today we can count several thousands of different varieties of rice.Each of them grow in a certain area and has its own unique qualities.When this is not only the size and the grain shape, but also the color, f

lavor.All varieties conditionally, depending on the processing technology is divided into three types:

  • White.This is the figure that is most often seen on the shelves of our stores.
  • brown (brown).Such rice since in principle no different from white, if that color and composition.
  • Steamed.This figure went on sale recently, but already very popular among housewives.

What you can eat rice with diabetes mellitus?

Depending on the kind of treatment goes figure it's safe to say that the rice does diabetes desirable to exclude from your diet.However, in exceptional cases, the medicine does not mind about certain kinds of rice.Let's consider them.

most common type of rice - is, of course, white.Only now it was his grade in any case can not be used for diabetics, not only in rice, various casseroles, soups or puddings, all is strictly forbidden, even a small amount!But the red, white and wild rice is not just possible to include in the diet of diabetics and need!The use of such rice defined their unique composition.

Red Rice is considered one of the most useful.It contains large amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat.Soft shell grains contains various amino acids, dietary fiber and various vitamins.This type of rice is rich in fiber, iron and calcium.

Black rice is also rich in vitamins, amino acids, fats and proteins.However, its value for diabetics is considered much higher than other types of rice.This rice has antioxidant and anti-edema properties.

parboiled rice becomes a kind of after processing the product steam.The quality of the rice is considerably higher than, for example, white.Such treatment brings the nutrients contained in the shell grains directly into the grain itself.

When handling these types of rice is stored, and the maximum number of trace elements contained in the product of nutrients.Therefore, these varieties of rice not cause malfunction of the endocrine system.

Knowing about the benefits of the rice, still not worth it to abuse.All you need to control, and especially the amount eaten.Not all patients will be equally well on rice.There are cases where people with diabetes can not eat rice in any form and no variety.

product greatly affect the level of sugar in the blood and begins an attack, which is very difficult to remove afterwards.So, if you really like the rice, before the cook from it something, consult with experts!