How to clean the lungs after smoking?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

decision to start smoking comes to man for many reasons.For some it is an excuse to reduce the level of stress, others try out of curiosity, gradually getting used to the nicotine.Either way, smoking is not only weakens the immune system, but also the most destructive way affects the lungs, turning them into something dark slime.It thus looks smoker's lungs, "baluyuschegosya" bad habit for five years.At the same time, together with lung disease, the owner receives a set of not very pleasant symptoms - such as frequent shortness of breath, wheezing in the morning and an unpleasant taste and odor in the mouth.

changed his mind, many smokers decide to quit addiction, waiting for the next day they will wake up fresh and healthy.However withdraw nicotine from the lungs, where he attended more than a year - one of the most difficult problems to cope with which not everyone can.Even experienced TB doctors will tell you that the period of adaptation of the body is from two to five years, during which improvem

ents will be seen in part, is only slightly recovering the body.

What will follow after?

imagine that the smoker still refused to addiction and decided to start a healthy lifestyle.What happens in the first years after the failure?

  • Reduced immunity.Because the immune system of smokers is already accustomed to everyday doses of nicotine, the lack thereof immediately it weakens, leading to immune and digestive disorders.Stop smoking person becomes sick more often colds, his appetite deteriorates.
  • mood swings.Losing important "friend," former smoker will feel constantly craving a smoke or just do again hold in my hand a cigarette.Start constant breakdowns and mood swings.
  • Overweight.As a smoke often replaces a meal periods, after the failure of the body begins to restore the fat layer, accumulating kilogram per kilogram.

clears the lungs after quitting

There are several effective ways on how to clear the respiratory system from poisonous nicotine.Of course, the process will be felt immediately, but after a year or two (depends primarily on how contaminated the lungs).

  1. Herbal inhalation.The most effective way to restore the body and its purification.It is recommended to choose for inhalation oak leaves, eucalyptus or fir and sage, chamomile, mint.
  2. Exercise.In order to provide full ventilation, do not neglect exercise and sports.
  3. Gymnastics for breathing.In addition to regular exercise, and there is a special breathing exercises, designed specifically to help people stop smoking.The complex of breathing exercises will help to quickly and effectively get rid of nicotine deposited in the lungs.
  4. bath / sauna.Another effective way, resulting in open pores, allowing the body to withdraw their own nicotine.

Most importantly - remember that clean the body should be continuously, without neglecting the exercises and advice.Only in this case, you are completely free of nicotine addiction and feel really cheerful person.Be healthy!