How useful celery?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

petiolar Stalks of celery are used in food, like vegetables from around the eighteenth century.So the plant does not use due to its unique flavor, which raises the appetite and taste amazing, but for the good of the cause.

turns out that it was celery has many features that bring the human body as soon benefit.The plant contains a wide variety of oils, which explains its unusual fresh scent.Smelled of celery, one immediately wants to try the taste of the plant.

When used celery stalks there is a significant effect on the endocrine system and the nervous.Excreted in large numbers start to come out toxins and, of course, the slag.Already after a few tricks normalizes bowel, stool problems disappear.

With constant use of partially reduced metabolism and increases immunity.That is why celery is particularly recommended for use in those days, when the body is in a weakened state, and it is prone to colds.

In celery contains a high content of glycosides, magnesium, vitamins, salts, potassium, iron and ot

her substances.That is why from the stems of the plants receive juice, which is applied to the wound even deeper cuts.Surprisingly, after several such procedures are tightened wounds.Also, use the juice of the plant in case of burns or frostbite, they lubricate the damaged areas of the skin heals quickly and the pain goes away.

People who suffer from chronic diseases associated with the deposition of salts, be sure to include in your diet celery stalks.The substances included in the plant have a beneficial effect.In the presence of kidney stones is their refinement and further excretion from the body.

chemical composition of celery stalks helps with gout, headache.Also, the plant should be included in food to people who have serious heart problems.

Sedation celery on the female body helps to prevent pain that occurs before menstrual cycle, especially in young girls.Already a long time celery was used as a diuretic, which helps to remove excess fluid that has accumulated in the body.It turns out that the ancient healers recommend men eat celery stalks, ostensibly to increase potency.

known that people who regularly consume celery stalks, less sick.They are more resistant to almost all types of diseases, have a good restful sleep and hardly complain of feeling unwell!