How useful chicken hearts?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Mostly people eat chicken, pork, beef and absolutely forget about offal, occasionally including the liver in your diet.This approach is completely in vain, because the so-called "giblets" contain many useful components that are vital for the body.Especially valuable chicken hearts.

Small but precious

Chicken hearts - the smallest byproduct.On average, a body weighs only 25 In spite of such a small "format" in the product contains a very rich mineral and vitamin composition.Namely, in the present chick hearts phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.There are also salts of iron, zinc, copper.If we talk about vitamin complexes in the offal is an element of A, PP, V.

addition hearts are nutritious protein component.For this reason, doctors byproduct necessarily recommend to include in the diet of those people who have problems in the heart, blood vessels.Besides hearts - the perfect prophylactic agent to prevent anemia.

Showing they are in case of breakdowns.It should use them and those who are engaged i

n active physical and mental activity, underwent complicated surgery.In short, all those who should be hard to eat.

Despite the miniature weight-product has the following nutritional value:

  • protein - 15.8 g;
  • fat - 10.3 g;
  • carbohydrates - 0,8 g

Calorie chicken hearts is only a little more than 150 calories.

intolerance of this product in humans is extremely rare and is associated only with individual intolerance byproduct.

Tips chef

Combine chicken hearts absolutely with any side dish.They are tasty and with potatoes and rice, and buckwheat, and many other kinds of side dishes.In addition, the by-product is often used in salads and as a filling for dumplings, pies, pancakes.

to dishes of them were delicious, you need to carefully approach the selection of this byproduct.First of all, should acquire solely chilled products and not frozen.And, of course, the goods must be fresh.Determine the "shelf life" of the goods can be visually observed.Fresh heart dense texture, and their tone full of red.

Before embarking on the preparation of various dishes from this by-product, it is necessary to conduct a "preliminary work", namely, thoroughly rinse the hearts, and then get rid of blood clots.From the heart chambers separated fat that is concentrated at the top.As for the method of cutting, you can use hearts either alone or along the cut.

addition to these useful properties of chicken hearts have another distinct advantage - their value is lower than "high-grade meat."Therefore, for a minimum price, you can get the maximum benefit to the body.