Sauerkraut with mushrooms

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
26 June 2016

Sauerkraut is good on its own as a snack.Harvested in the summer, in the winter it becomes a delicious crunchy addition to any dish.Cook sauerkraut can be in many ways, but regardless of that, she is loved by many families.It is useful because of the unique content and vitamins that are not even in the cabbage.

Experienced hostess know that sauerkraut may be a component, and other dishes.For example, cabbage sauerkraut differ in taste from the usual.A braised sauerkraut respected and loved even children.It can be used instead of fresh or special cooking from her new dishes.

Cabbage well with mushrooms, there is an excellent recipe for stewed sauerkraut with mushrooms, that will give you at any time of the year.You can instead use honey agaric and any other mushrooms, but the mushrooms to this dish turns out the most delicious.

proportions of products in this recipe are: per kilogram of sauerkraut need 100 to 150 grams of honey agaric (the exact number - at your discretion) and one onion.Prepare the

fat or vegetable oil for frying cabbage.There may also need salt and seasonings that you like.

You must first take mushrooms.They need to be carefully washed and cleaned to remove all dirt and debris from the forest.Large mushrooms can be cut into several parts.Add the prepared mushrooms in a saucepan, cover with cold water and put on fire.When the water boils, reduce heat and cook mushrooms until they are fully cooked.

While the mushrooms are cooked, prepare the cabbage.First try sauerkraut taste if it is too acidic, then rinse with cold water.If you are satisfied with the taste, then immediately cut it into small pieces.In a suitable dish - deep-frying pan, skillet, or thick-walled cauldron, melt fat and heat the vegetable oil.Put to the cabbage and chopped onions lightly fry the vegetables and add the water in which the cooked mushrooms.Cabbage and mushroom broth cook until tender, as required pouring it slowly.

When the cabbage will be ready, add the boiled mushrooms.Mix everything and cook the cabbage with mushrooms a couple of minutes.The finished dish sprinkle with chopped herbs and serve hot.You can use it as a main dish or as a side dish.You can cook the cabbage for this recipe and Multivarki.