How to clean the lungs from dust?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Fate decreed that many people have to constantly breathe dust.Condition of their lungs when hazardous work terrifying.However, those who have a very secure job, too, have something to fear.Our environment is in a state that is no longer possible to control the amount of harmful substances that are in the air we breathe!

course, continually purify contaminated lungs with the help of specialists do not have time, and opportunities.In this case, you need to learn how to clean the lungs yourself right at home!

  1. to "thin out" the dust that has settled on the lungs and have turned into mud, it is necessary to carry out regular inhalation treatments.For inhalation use herbs chamomile, which is poured boiling water over the bowl and breathe, which steamed grass.Just use calendula or sage.To effect was higher lean as close as possible from the top head and a body covered with a blanket to lower steam coming out.Do as deeply inhaling the nose and after a few seconds a sharp exhale through the mouth.If all goes
    well, after a while comes out phlegm.
  2. Instead herbs used eucalyptus oil, lemon.Only the oil does not just pour in boiling water, and connect the first with a small amount of alcohol.Approximately spoonful of alcohol take five drops of oil.
  3. If for some reason it is impossible to perform inhalation, just drink a glass of milk mornings.This product not only clears the lungs of dust and dirt from nicotine.
  4. If for a month every morning to drink two tablets of activated carbon, it soon comes out phlegm.
  5. soften, and then contribute to the conclusion of sputum help honey massage.Any honey rubbed his back in the lungs and do massage.But this is no ordinary massage, but a kind of pat, after which all honey must be absorbed into the skin.It is believed that honey is capable of pulling the dust, as evidenced by the contamination, which are formed at the hands of someone who does massage.

These cleaning methods, of course, be effective, however, it is best to make sure that your lungs are exposed to minimal contamination.Therefore, if there is in fact a need and there are conditions for that, once again, wear a mask or respirator normal tissue bandage.Throat after work you need to moisten at least mineral water, but the sea is better.It will not allow the dust to settle on the airways.