Oatmeal cookies with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Pancreatitis - a violation of the pancreas.A problem occurs in the formation and distribution of enzymes.Consequently disrupted normal digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and fats.Therefore, the most important thing in the treatment of this disease - diet.In exacerbations of undesirable nothing there for several days, and in remission need to know what foods are contraindicated, but that it is necessary to use in limited quantities.

special diet for pancreatitis

basic principles of nutrition in this disease is to avoid fried and spicy, food is desirable to use a liquid or a shabby and very small portions.Doctors recommend to give up everything that contains fats, especially in combination with sugar.It is undesirable to use and a lot of carbohydrates.Most often, the disease interfere with the absorption of these substances, but many patients suffer from pancreatitis without favorite sweets and pastries.The way out for them may be the use of oatmeal cookies, which is very useful.However, there

can only be the chronic course of the disease and in small portions.

benefits of oatmeal cookies

She explained the healing properties of oats - the main ingredient of this product.Scientists have discovered enzymes in oats, close to the action of pancreatic enzymes.They assist in the absorption of carbohydrates and fat digestion.Therefore, for a long time oats and oatmeal in any form used in the treatment of pancreatitis.In addition, oats helps to regulate the chair, because eliminates constipation - frequent companion pancreatitis.Rolled oats are a source of essential amino acids and antioxidants that protect the body from cancer.Oatmeal cookies contain a lot of vitamins, especially B and trace elements beneficial.In most cases, it does not cause any side effects and was well tolerated.It is recommended for many diseases, but we need to approach this issue individually.

Can be harmful oatmeal cookies?That

cookies, which are sold in stores today, many doctors do not recommend to use pancreatitis patients, because it contains a lot of oil or butter, sometimes even margarine, which is very harmful even for a healthy body.A large amount of sugar is also dangerous for the inflammation of the pancreas.Therefore it is recommended to cook oatmeal cookies on their own, adding a minimum of fat and sugar.Only then it will benefit patients with pancreatitis.

If you inflamed pancreas should be more attentive to their nutrition.Reluctance to give up your favorite foods can lead to serious complications.Therefore, patients with pancreatitis better prepare themselves independently foods that will only benefit them.And oatmeal cookies can be eaten in remission, but you should start with a stuff.If there are no violations of the chair and gas production, it can be eaten safely.