Jam from gooseberry and lemon without cooking

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
26 June 2016

Gooseberry - is priceless berry, which is considered a real treasure trove of vitamins and minerals.It is because of this it is grown in almost every yard.However, the season of ripening fruit is too small to fully enjoy this impeccable taste.This is the main reason that pushes us to have time to make a wide variety of preparations for the winter.Here are a few recipes that do not require cooking and allow to keep all the vitamins and minerals contained in the gooseberry.Plus, this jam is stored for a long time - about two years.Therefore, you can safely store up a lot of jars of yummy.

gooseberry jam with lemon


  • sugar - half a kilogram;
  • gooseberries - one kilogram;
  • lemon - two pieces.

Step by Step:

gooseberries need to go, wash in clean water and remove the stem.Wash the lemon.Berries and Lemon crush using a grinder.

into mush, add the sugar and mix well the ingredients.Leave four hours until complete dissolution of the sugar.After this time, lay in the banks, and close th

eir lids.

Preparation time takes about one hour.Store is necessary to treat in the cellar, basement or refrigerator.

gooseberry jam with lemon and orange


  • gooseberry (fruit should be green) - three kilograms;
  • sugar - five kilograms;
  • orange (pitted) with zest - three of them;
  • lemon (pitted) without peel - two pieces.

Step by Step:

  1. Gooseberries wash in clean water, move it.Then, with the help of nail scissors he cut the tails.
  2. Orange and lemon cut into small slices, but remember, the citrus fruit must have to be pitted.At the same time leave the orange zest and lemon remove.
  3. gooseberry, lemon and orange crush using a grinder.
  4. Now fruit and citrus pulp, add sugar and leave for a day so that it can be dissolved in a liquid.It is recommended from time to time to stir the contents of the container.That's just do it the best wooden spatula.Every time a basin cover with gauze.And in order to better hold on, can it slightly wet.
  5. After this time, spread the jam into sterilized jars.Close the jars can be any caps - screw, nylon.

Bon appetit!