Cabbage juice with gastritis

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Cabbage has long been famous for its lovely flavor and a huge benefit for the human body as a whole.Particularly useful cabbage juice that is squeezed from fresh vegetables.

Cabbage juice is useful in many diseases, but particularly effective is the drink for people who have digestive problems.For example, gastritis, when there is a decrease in acidity, doctors recommend include in your diet cabbage juice.It is recommended to use fresh cabbage juice not only with chronic gastritis, and for the prevention of this disease.

As used cabbage juice in gastritis?

juice drink daily in small portions (about a glass, can be increased to two cups), but each meal consists of a few sips.So, one day you will drink the juice at least three times.

Drink cabbage juice is recommended exclusively hour before eating.It is important to drink was absolutely fresh and slightly warmed.Cool the juice will have no effect.

Many do not like the taste of the drink, however, it can not be dosalivat, which will reduce its posit

ive characteristics and treatment simply will have no effect.To improve a little taste of cabbage juice when cooking, you can add a little beet or, for example, carrot juice.

What happens during and after treatment?

periodic consumption of fresh cabbage juice will lead first to the fact that increase flatulence.This should not be afraid, nothing terrible happens, and such a reaction of the body - it is quite normal.Over time flatulence fall, and soon will no longer bother you at all.Some juice after taking anything at all occurs.

Regular consumption of juice in chronic gastritis gradually lead to the fact that the pain will not be as intense, their character considerably weakened.Secretory glands of the stomach will start to work in the normal state, and soon happen, and complete healing of wounds that are on the walls of the stomach.

Remember that if together with you have gastritis and other chronic diseases, such as inflammation of the pancreas, it is not in a hurry to start treatment cabbage juice.In this case, you can cause irreparable harm to their health.Therefore, before starting treatment to check with your doctor.

In any case, at the beginning of treatment and do not need to rush in the first day to drink juice glasses.Please observe the reaction of the body, each with its own, it can be.Even if doctors allowed to drink the juice from fresh cabbage, this does not mean that your body will take it positively innovation.

Therefore, in the first days of treatment did not take more than a glass per day, and only during the day, constantly watch for changes.If you feel that you become worse, then stop taking cabbage juice.In the case of a positive response in about three days, bring the juice to normal reception.