How to treat a fungus in the ear?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

fungus in the ear is a medical term - otomycosis.This is a fairly common disease.As with other illnesses, caused by a fungus otomycosis treated fairly long and hard.Normally the fungus penetrates into the middle ear.This occurs through scratches and cuts.If the fungus appeared in the ears, it does not mean that a person nechistoploten, this illness affects all, even the most avid chistyuli.The fungus can penetrate the ear through both water and in various types of ear diseases.

How to treat a fungus in the ear?

Before you start to treat the disease must be diagnosed to identify which part of the ear undergone otomycosis.After the survey is assigned to the treatment of both local and total.When otomycosis not running process, the treatment can be productive and fungus may escape quickly enough without any complications.The treatment is mainly used the following drugs:

  1. naftifine;
  2. Pimafucin;
  3. itraconazole;
  4. clotrimazole.

Before treatment the ear should be rinsed and thoroughly cleaned from various

types of savings (earwax, fluid).Cleaning is necessary to antimicrobials may have a really fast and ambulance ear.To do this, first conducted microbiological tests for the presence of fungi and bacteria.Later refined ear can begin to treat the fungus.Usually recommend ear just to grease a drug, but is effectively inserted into the ear soaked cotton swab or flagella soaked antifungal.Widely applicable following antifungals:

  1. Gentian violet;
  2. tolnaftate;
  3. Nystatin;
  4. solution of acetic acid;
  5. Econazole;
  6. Drops clotrimazole or ketoconazole (they are prescribed by a physician, it is determined that the cause of itching and pain in the ears of the fungus).

fungus is difficult to treat.If you do not help the drops may be prescribed pills of itraconazole.They have antifungal activity.If the disease is caused by a fungus ear, antibiotics are excluded, the doctor prescribes mainly antimicrobial therapy.On average, the treatment lasts between four and seven months, due to the fact that the fungus is growing quite rapidly and multiplies.After the re-analysis is carried out to detect that the disease has receded, and the fungus is completely healed.Fungus treatment should be initiated promptly, because in the future the disease enters the chronic form, and it aggravated complications and is not completely cured.

To prevent after treatment ears should be kept clean.You need to clean the ears with a cotton swab dipped in glycerin.Often it is not necessary to clean the ears, because we know that the wax - a great natural antibiotic from ear disease.Particular attention should be given immunity, start taking vitamins, because fungal disease indicates failure of the immune system of the body and otomycosis - only the beginning.Be healthy!