How useful sesame seeds?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Sesame or sesame - are small seeds, which are often decorated with fancy pastries (muffins, cakes, breads, puffs, biscuits).The roasted sesame seeds are very appetizing crackled and perfectly complement the taste of baking.

Not everyone knows that sesame is not only tasty, but extremely useful.For example, in the east it is very much appreciated and has long been considered one of the components of the mythical elixir of immortality.If you look at Eastern cuisine, the sesame there is present in virtually all dishes (meat, fish, vegetables).

What is useful sesame?

First, sesame prized for its unique chemical composition.Sesame seeds is half digestible vegetable protein.This product is also very high in fiber, iron, magnesium, zinc and polyunsaturated acids.

Sesame - one of the few foods that can quickly fill the shortage of lime in the body.It is enough to consume only 10 grams of seed.

Fiber contained in sesame seeds, a positive effect on the bowels and the entire digestive system in general.Regul

ar consumption of sesame in food is an effective prevention of cancer of the digestive system.

People suffering from a lack of calcium in the body, it is recommended the consumption of sprouted sesame seed, because in 100 g sprouts contain 1500 mg of calcium.Eating foods with sesame sprouts as soon as possible strengthens nails, hair and bones, improves skin and tooth enamel.Therefore, the food is very good for feminine beauty and women's health, as well as for people with arthritis and osteochondrosis.

to germinate the seeds, it is necessary to pour the washed seeds on gauze and cover them with lukewarm waters.Within days, the seeds should be kept in a warm place and periodically moistened.After 2-3 days the seedlings appear, which can already be eating pre-rinsing with cool water.

deserves special attention sesame oil, which does not lose its beneficial properties throughout the 9 years.It is very useful to include along with other oils and pistachio almond oil, but at the same time more affordable.Sesame oil is a rich source of antioxidants and sezaminola sesamol, which are substantially in any other food.

Contraindications to the use of sesame

Categorical contraindications as there are none, unless there is idiosyncrasy of this product.Only overweight people should eat sesame accurately, since it is quite calories (569 kcal per 100 g of seed).

Gently sesame need to use for people with kidney problems, since the presence of oxalate in the sesame contribute to the formation of kidney stones and gall bladder.

Despite contraindications, use sesame seed can not be overestimated.Therefore, regular consumption of these seeds to eat in moderation perfectly complement the daily diet and saturate the body with all essential trace elements and minerals.