Spinach with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

In recent years, more and more in our shops can be found bright green leaves, slightly reminiscent of sorrel.This spinach.It is very popular in Europe and America.According to French chefs, he - "the king of leafy vegetables."In Russia, many housewives do not even know what it is, but in vain - the spinach is very useful and contains many substances necessary for the body.

What are the useful properties of spinach?

  • in its composition is rich in vitamins and trace elements.Especially valuable is the presence of vitamin K and folic acid;
  • large amount of beta-carotene and lutein existence of spinach makes it very useful for vision;
  • amazing nutritional value of the leaves.Despite the very low calorie content, they contain a lot of vegetable protein;
  • spinach useful for various neurological disorders, as it helps to cope with stress, soothes and improves performance;
  • large amounts of iron and carotenoids help to improve the process of hematopoiesis and raise the level of hemoglobin;
  • due to the presence of fiber improves intestinal motility, and spinach, and the work of the digestive glands.

Can I eat spinach for pancreatitis?

Despite the many useful properties of this leafy vegetables, for some diseases it is, is not recommended.Especially it is forbidden to use spinach in diseases of the kidneys, joints, gallbladder and pancreatitis.This is explained by the presence in its composition of oxalic acid.It promotes the deposition of salts.With its use in kidney and gall bladder stones are formed.This acid also irritates the inflammation of the pancreas and stimulates her work that pancreatitis is not very good.A large number of fiber can cause bloating and intestinal upset.

In some cases, if you have not had exacerbations of the disease, possible use of spinach.Only need to follow some rules:

  • least oxalic acid in spinach, so choose only small bright leaves.In no case do not eat the leaves turned yellow and hard;
  • recommended in the preparation of spinach to add milk or cream.This is partly neutralize the oxalic acid;
  • eat spinach only boiled, steamed or baked.Well it makes him soups, pie fillings, add to vegetable and meat dishes.