Cabbage with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Pancreatitis - it is a disease in which the well-being achieved mainly subject to certain diet.No wonder it is called the disease of those who love to eat.Too many products irritate the pancreas and cause aggravation.To avoid this, patients have to give up a lot.Those who have suffered acute pancreatitis, doctors introduce a long list of forbidden foods.Unfortunately, it often get their favorite dishes as well as vegetables are very healthy.These include the cabbage.

Everyone's favorite vegetable

For the inhabitants of our country cabbage is a staple food.Its use raw in salads, brew, stew and fry.Cabbage - the main ingredient of many soups and main dishes, it is perfectly combined with other vegetables and meat.From it makes a filling for pies, added to the stuffing, make cabbage rolls and cook borscht.This beloved vegetable tasty dishes gives softness and pleasant aroma, but it is still very useful, so many patients suffer from pancreatitis without cabbage.

What harm can bring this vegetable?

Why doctors do not recommend eating cabbage with pancreatitis and many other diseases?

  • this vegetable strongly stimulates the secretion of digestive glands, especially the pancreas.This may cause a worsening of the disease;
  • high in fiber hard to digest.And with a lack of activity of pancreatic enzymes is the cause flatulence and bloating;
  • cabbage juice increases the acidity of the stomach.

All these drawbacks are the crude and sauerkraut.It is in these forms and it is not suitable for pancreatitis even in periods of remission.But braised cabbage and baked, as well as the soup from it can sometimes have patients who no longer had relapses.All its properties are harmful and irritating to wear off when such methods of preparation.But do not get involved, you need to eat it slowly.In addition, it is best absorbed by the young sprouts.And in any case, do not eat too rigid or ruffled leaves.

How to cook cabbage with pancreatitis?

  1. best to extinguish it.For this head is freed from upper leaves, and cut into quarters.Then you need to shred cabbage small strips, simultaneously removing all the hard parts.Fry it is not desirable, and it is better to start to simmer on low heat.Oils need to add quite a bit, so as not to burden the sick pancreas.Mitigate the harmful effects of cabbage can be by adding a zucchini and carrots, too, cut into strips.It is advisable not to add a lot of salt and spices, as pancreatitis is contraindicated.
  2. cabbage, steamed, too, may be in dietary nutrition.It is better to use a double boiler, but we can put the pieces of cabbage in a sieve and put it on the rim of a large pot of boiling water.Serve this dish with melted butter or sour cream sauce.