Solarium breastfeeding

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

With the advent of tanning salons, their popularity is rapidly gaining momentum.Many people want to have a beautiful color, especially before the onset of the summer season.Especially this activity like women who prefer a bronze tan, when everything else pale and white.

after tanning Sunburn is able to hide some flaws.For example, it is perfectly disguises dark spots around the eyes, visually makes slim figure without flaws and sports taut.Pregnant and lactating women do not rule out those dreams.But as a woman while waiting for the baby obliged to treat many things very carefully, the question arises, how safe solarium for them.

What is a solarium?

Solarium - a device that generates beams on the structure similar to sunlight.After contact with the human skin melanin is released, which in turn colors the body in a golden color.

There are rays of type A, B and C. The most harmful and dangerous this type of beam C. solariums apply only rays A and B. solarium allows only under the supervision of an em

ployee solarium.

Solarium and breastfeeding

all experts in one voice say, that no tan under ultraviolet sunlight or tanning in a solarium undesirable.Although there are a group of professionals who are solariums positively and allow their patients to periodically visit beauty salons to give the body a gentle golden hue.The lack of consensus about tanning even more puzzling women, who after giving birth so eager to regain its beauty.

If you take the effect of UV rays on the sun deck a woman during lactation, they are not dangerous either for milk production, or for its quality.But as in the postpartum period and during lactation increases the secretion of growth hormones, and therefore, there can be growth in breast cancer, moles.This suggests that the solarium may be a consequence of the increase and growth of the existing body of birthmarks.But not only can appear moles, and pigmented spots.Pigmentation can occur on the face, forehead and hands.It always leads a woman into despair as to bring these spots is very difficult in the future, they may become larger and spread to other open areas of the body.

Yet what is important to know the nursing mums - is that while sunbathing in the solarium body loses fluid.As is known, the lack of the necessary quantity of liquid can lead to dehydration, premature aging of the skin, degradation of hair and nails.Here the very moment when frequenting tanning can lead to deterioration in the quality of milk and affect his numbers.To eliminate this, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids after a visit to the solarium to restore water balance in the body.

In general, if you visit a solarium once a month, then it will not harm the breastfeeding mother and her baby.