How to clear the lungs of mucus?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

most often sputum collects in the lungs with bronchitis.This disease is characterized by inflammation of the bronchial mucosa after swelling begins.As soon as the swelling begins to decrease, there is sputum, not giving to breathe normally, causing seizures and severe cough.

Because there are several methods to find out how to clear the lungs of mucus, it is necessary to start it immediately so as not to complicate the already difficult condition of the patient.

most important thing - to maintain the moist air in the room.If a person suffers from chronic bronchitis, it is recommended to buy a humidifier.If the funds do not allow the disease is rare, and it is possible to wet diapers or sheets and hang on the battery.It is the people's way of removing mucus from the lungs.

Traditional medicine is rich in all kinds of recipes, helps to remove phlegm from the lungs.For example, it is possible to brew a tablespoon of pine buds cup boiling water and take an hour during the day.

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gs to help with inhalation of medicinal plants.Ideal applications include juniper, fir, chamomile, pine or eucalyptus.If you are unable to collect the plant, you can buy in a drugstore extracts.Inhalation should be done every day for ten minutes.After the procedure, just go to bed and did not wake up.Even food is not desirable to take an hour or two.

The pharmacy you can buy drugs based on plants.Means for sputum discharge from the lungs has to appoint a doctor, because the self-unsafe.If this is not possible, you can use the juice of black radish and honey.Fight sputum helps mother and stepmother, ivy, St. John's wort, licorice root.These plants are taken as a decoction for oral and throat gargle.In them a lot of substances that reduce the viscosity of phlegm and accelerating out of the lungs.

of drugs will help to leave the mucus out of the lungs.The most effective - is ACC, or Ambrobene Mucosolvan.They belong to the group expectorants.The drugs not only treat, but also increase immunity.But as all pharmaceutical drugs can cause side effects and have some contraindications, many have resorted to national methods of treatment, if there is an allergy to the plant.