First aid for burns iron at home

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08 June 2016

Burn you can get at home not only in the kitchen, but when using household appliances, such as iron.And even burns themselves are different and vary in severity.After a domestic burn mild to moderate patients rarely ask for help in the clinic.But in order not to affect their health even more damage, everyone should know how to provide first aid to yourself and your loved ones.If the burn is serious, it is essential competent pre-medical aid.

Even home burns from an iron can vary in severity, but it's usually the first and second degree burns.First degree burn is the most painless.At the site of skin injury produced redness, slight swelling and slight swelling.Less harmless second degree burn iron.In the affected area there is swelling, redness, watery blisters.There are also painful symptoms, and require adequate treatment (not as easy as in the first degree burn).

How is iron first degree burn: home treatment

If the careless use of iron appeared burns on the body with a small swelling, redness, th

is injury relates to the first-degree burns.First of all the injured area should be cooled.No ice, cold water only.If this hand, it can be placed under a stream of cold water from the tap.After cooling, the damaged area should be applied to the wound pharmacy remedy.If you burn a small area, then apply a sterile dressing is optional.

iron second-degree burn: First aid

First aid for second-degree burns - a pre-medical aid.If the burn was a grown man, he does not go to the clinic, if burn occurred in a child, it is better to see a doctor.

treatment of burns at home begins with the cooling of the affected places.It is very important to do, since the second-degree burns, even in the absence of contact with the skin is still a hot subject for some time continued to receive a burn and cover gradually destroyed, the area of ​​the affected area is increased.Burned area should be placed in a container with water, because if you put the water, the jet may damage resulting bubble, and it is very painful.On the sore spot is applied to remedy burn and sterile dressing is applied.

Since household burns - a situation common and widespread, it is recommended to keep your home medicine cabinet pharmaceuticals.Since burns are accompanied by watery blisters, that physical contact can disrupt their integrity, so doctors recommend buying sprays.The best and affordable considered "panthenol".When applied to a burn, he covers it with foam, protects and surrounds.The drug affects the burn as an anesthetic.With timely application to the injured place a few days the burn will take place and at this point there will complete regeneration of skin cells.