Pain in the neck and dizziness

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08 June 2016

Throughout his life, a person has certain diseases.Even keeping a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, no headaches, no, but sometimes still occur.If this is a common headache, then there are many ways how to remove it without medication if it's a pain in the neck and still have dizziness, the situation is much more complicated, because already it is necessary to find out the cause and treat it, only then will pass very headache.

main causes cervical pain and dizziness

  1. Cervical osteochondrosis, spondylosis, scoliosis, stretching.
  2. fatigue, tension, neuralgia neck.
  3. High blood (blood) pressure.
  4. Concussion.

What are headaches in the back of the head?

Headaches, smack in the back of the head, are so strong that there is dizziness and fainting.By themselves, the pain can be pressing, aching, create a sense of unbearable heaviness.In this case, to treat headaches pointless as they will after treatment causes, and they are only a symptom of other more serious diseases.

main factors of pain in the
back of the head with vertigo

Irregularities in blood pressure occur at any age.With a sharp rise in blood pressure there is a sharp pain in the back of the head, dizziness and bloating.

In adulthood, developing such diseases as osteochondrosis.With age comes the deposition of salt, gradually deformed joints, the spine and the discs are displaced.This causes pain in the neck.With a sharp turn of dizziness comes with increased pain in the head, neck and head.

Cervical myositis occurs in inflammatory processes, colds muscles.Neck miogeloz gives neck.And because the blood circulation of muscles, there is dizziness.

Cervical spondylosis causes a change in the state of tissue ligaments that connect bone and vertebrae.In this case, in addition to the pain in his head and observed the severity of vertigo.This pathology develops in people with sedentary lifestyles.In recent times more likely to suffer from cervical spondylosis young people, often sitting at the computer.

neuritis occurs in the same way as osteochondrosis, myositis.Neuralgia of the main nerve leading to a strong headaches in the back of his head.This pain is aching, radiating across the head, even to the eyes.When unwary sharp movements occur backache, and dizziness.

Other factors

The above symptoms may occur at spasms of the arteries in the pathology of the cardiovascular system.The Pre-stroke conditions occurs occipital pain with dizziness and fainting.As soon as the flow of blood, the pain subsides.Physical activity, stress, diseases of blood vessels, muscle fatigue, deformity of the cervical vertebra, overload cerebellum - all that causes pain in the back of the head and often with vertigo.