Can I go to the solarium in psoriasis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Psoriasis is a chronic, noncommunicable kind of dermatosis with a tendency to the defeat of the skin.However, there are cases of nail psoriasis.There are two main forms of the disease (pustular psoriasis and nepustulezny) which in turn are classified into several narrower in determining species.Today there is no single qualified opinion or on ethology of the disease or the methods of its treatment.However, many experts say the benefits of sunlight, including under the influence of ultraviolet radiation during a visit to the solarium.This is worth looking in more detail and provide the reader with basic recommendations for solarium in psoriasis.Immediately it should be noted that psoriasis is not a contagious disease, and any restrictions on the part of SES and health care services when visiting public places do not exist.

positive impact on patients with psoriasis solarium

  • Empirically, it has been proved positive effect of UV rays on patients with psoriasis.The first mention of it relates to medica
    l paths beginning of the XVIII century.In today's world and there have been numerous experiments aimed at the treatment of psoriasis using the use of vitamin D. Ultraviolet (both natural and artificial origin) contributes to the development of the most active against dermatoses form of vitamin D - D3, which has a beneficial effect in two directions -on the skin and the nervous system.Last overdue, as is often the causes that provoke relapse subacute called stress and depression patient.
  • solarium has a slight drying effect, which is very beneficial in the form of pustular psoriasis, as it accelerates the process of healing plaques and pustules (pustules).
  • Tan obtained in the solarium, can partially mask the psoriatic lesions on the skin, reducing their contrast with healthy skin.

negative impact on patients with psoriasis solarium

  • procedures in the solarium have a drying effect on the skin.A majority of experts among the signs of predisposition to psoriasis called it overly dry skin.This is especially important when species nepustuleznogo psoriasis.
  • Prolonged exposure in a solarium can cause redness and burns, which will strengthen the unpleasant sensations that accompany psoriasis - itching, pain and so on.
  • In 5% of cases among patients with psoriasis found idiosyncrasy UV rays.In this case, it can be triggered by worsening of the disease.

recommendations for patients with psoriasis when visiting the solarium

  • refuse solarium during the acute course of the disease, especially in nepustuleznoy form of psoriasis.Preferably taken during the procedure, ultraviolet stable remission.
  • One-time session should not exceed five minutes, and the number of visits per month - no more than ten.This will avoid possible negative consequences and make it possible to get the maximum benefit from ultraviolet radiation.
  • In summer, preferably more in the open air instead of tanning and ultraviolet radiation required to obtain directly from the sun.Solarium recommended to visit in autumn and winter.
  • If during or after a visit to the solarium has been a significant worsening of the disease (out of remission growing itching or severe pain due to the increased sensitivity of the skin), then from the solarium is better to refuse.

Compliance with these instructions will enable to benefit from the solarium and avoid the side effects of these procedures for psoriasis.